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hgeorge 17/03/2011 16:05

1/5/2011 蒲台及南面水域觀鳥 Po Toi & South Waters [已滿Full]

Activity information
Date: 1/5/2011 Sunday
Time: 08:00 - 16:00
Gathering Time & Place: 08:00 Hang Seng Bank, Sai Wan Ho MTR Station
Leader: Mr. Cheng Nok Ming Beetle, Mr. Ho Wai Chun George
Fare: HK$160/Member; HK$200/Non-member
Target Species: Migrants and seabirds

Arrangement: The boat will go to Po Toi Island directly. The group will then have free time on the island (new comers can follow the leader to watch birds on the island) and participants are suggested to have their lunch on the island. The group should be back to the boat around 12:00-1:00 (depends on the leader's decision) and then the boat will stay in the Lamma Channel in the afternoon to look for seabirds and back to Aberdeen or Sai Wan Ho at 4:00pm. Please note that this is a brief arrangement and the activity leader will have the right to make the final decision.

Note: This will be a long trip on open waters. The ride could be quite rough and some people may be seasick.

Limited to 45 participants only - please return the registration form together with the fare to HKBWS Office for registration.

We will confirm the participants about 5 days before the outing whether their reservation application is accepted or not. All the registered participants are required to pay the prescribed fare, no matter they can attend the outing or not. Withdrawal must be raised at least ONE week before the activity, otherwise, no refund will be made. If we cancel the outing due to inclement weather or special reason, the paid fare will be refunded to the participants.

The Activiites Enquiry Hotline / for contacting outing leaders on the event date only: 9457 3196.

The Hong Kong Bird Watching Society shall have no responsibility, financial or otherwise, for expenditure or other liabilities arising from the activities.


領隊︰鄭諾銘先生, 何維俊先生

行程安排: 開船後會直接到蒲台島,大隊會在蒲台島上有自由時間(各自觀鳥,新手亦可選擇跟隨領隊觀鳥),建議參加者在島上午膳。大約到正午十二時至一時左右返回船上,然後船會開往南丫海峽尋找海鳥,到大約下午四時返回香港仔或西灣河。請注意,活動領隊將有權更改及決定當日行程安排。


名額只限45位,請把報名表格連同費用寄/交回香港觀鳥會辦公室報名參加 (本會會員有優先參與權利)

活動查詢熱線/當天與領隊聯絡電話:9457 3196


HKBWS Vicky 6/04/2011 16:40


The captioned activity is full. If you would like to join the Po Toi and southern water outing, you may join the outing on 8 May. Thank you so much!![/b][/size][/color]

DCW 13/04/2011 16:51


領隊師兄:我已報名.想知道大概會看到多少種水鳥? 因為是新手,預先做一下功課...... 多謝!!!35516184ceba445 35516184ceba445 35516184ceba445

HKBWS Vicky 13/04/2011 17:19

可以參考去年5月2日的蒲台觀鳥活動報告: [url]http://www.hkbws.org.hk/BBS/viewthread.php?tid=11142&extra=page%3D3[/url]


HKBWS Chuan 13/04/2011 17:24

出海觀看海鳥變數很大, 很難預計會看到多少/什麼鳥種!
比較常見的是一些過境燕鷗, 如普通燕鷗、白腰燕鷗、黑枕燕鷗、鬚浮鷗等, 亦有紅頸瓣蹼鷸。

DCW 13/04/2011 20:25

多謝各位師兄 35516184ceba445 35516184ceba445 35516184ceba445

hgeorge 1/05/2011 22:57

根據其他觀鳥者及個人的紀錄,最少看見47鳥種。 At least 47 species were seen according to other birdwatchers and my own records.

54 紫背葦鳽 Von Schrenck's Bittern
60 綠鷺 Striated Heron
61 池鷺 Chinese Pond Heron
62 牛背鷺 Eastern Cattle Egret
67 小白鷺 Little Egret
83 黑鳶 Black Kite
91 赤腹鷹 Chinese Sparrowhawk
136 鐵嘴沙鴴 Greater Sand Plover
178 紅頸瓣蹼鷸 Red-necked Phalarope
199 大鳳頭燕鷗 Greater Crested Tern
200 白額燕鷗 Little Tern
201 白腰燕鷗 Aleutian Tern
205 黑枕燕鷗 Black-naped Tern
206 普通燕鷗 Common Tern
207 鬚浮鷗 Whiskered Tern
208 白翅浮鷗 White-winged Tern
210 短尾賊鷗 Parasitic Jaeger
217 珠頸斑鳩 Spotted Dove
225 褐翅鴉鵑 Greater Coucal
235 四聲杜鵑 Indian Cuckoo
253 白腰雨燕 Pacific Swift
277 灰山椒鳥 Ashy Minivet
287 黑卷尾 Black Drongo
292 紫壽帶 Japanese Paradise-Flycatcher
301 大嘴烏鴉 Large-billed Crow
310 紅耳鵯 Red-whiskered Bulbul
311 白頭鵯 Chinese Bulbul
318 家燕 Barn Swallow
330 褐柳鶯 Dusky Warbler
335 黃眉柳鶯 Yellow-browed Warbler
368 長尾縫葉鶯 Common Tailorbird
374 黑臉噪鶥 Masked Laughingthrush
386 暗綠繡眼鳥 Japanese White-eye
388 八哥 Crested Myna
399 紫嘯鶇 Blue Whistling Thrush
420 鵲鴝 Oriental Magpie Robin
429 藍磯鶇 Blue Rock Thrush
433 灰紋鶲 Grey-streaked Flycatcher
435 北灰鶲 Asian Brown Flycatcher
437 棕尾褐鶲 Ferruginous Flycatcher
439 黃眉姬鶲 Narcissus Flycatcher
441 鴝姬鶲 Mugimaki Flycatcher
463 白腰文鳥 White-rumped Munia
469 灰鶺鴒 Grey Wagtail
470 白鶺鴒 White Wagtail
471 理氏鷚 Richard's Pipit
496 栗鵐 Chestnut Bunting

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HKBWS Vicky 3/05/2011 10:50


Beetle 3/05/2011 10:56

當時有一群類似吞拿魚的大魚追吃一群小魚, 不少燕鷗聚集分一杯羹。

wleepoin 3/05/2011 21:45





What a spectacular moment for all of us, it was just like watching an BBC Wildlife documentary ! 35510b1213e1445

Thanks George and Beetle for leading the boat-trip


kennethchan 4/05/2011 00:20


Beetle 4/05/2011 00:34

The Big Fish should be [i]Euthynnus affinis[/i]


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