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yyattung 22/03/2011 16:20

Spoon-billed Sandpiper 勺嘴鷸

2011 Spring Spoon-billed Sandpiper Records

Spoon-billed Sandpiper is now listed as Critically Endangered, meaning that this species is facing a very high risk of extinction in the near future. Population was estimated to 150-320 breeding pairs in recent summer breeding seasons and the decline of their numbers is so rapid in recent years.

The Spoon-billed Sandpiper is a regular spring migrant in Hong Kong and several birds could be seen at Mai Po every spring, but our regular monitoring activities also show that the numbers are also decreasing in HK from about 10 individuals 10 years ago to only one or two birds in recent springs.

Its small size and regularly associating with other small-sized shorebirds, e.g. Red-necked Stint make it less easy to be found. Their actual numbers present in Hong Kong might be higher than the numbers recorded in the regular waterbird count. In this spring, we would like to gather the information of this species as many as possible that could help to better assess its status and numbers in Hong Kong. Members are encouraged to post the sighting of this species in this forum, or send me a PM. One bird or one sighting is important for the sake of conservation of this charismatic species now. Researchers also marked some individuals with leg flags and please also report it here if you could find one of these (Remark: Flagged Spoon-billed Sandpiper still has not been seen in Hong Kong yet!)

Thank you very much to your attention.

Yu Yat Tung
Coordinator, Waterbird Monitoring Programme



在香港勺嘴鷸是遷徙鳥, 每年春季(三至五月)會在米埔出現,從我們的常規監測活動也見到,牠們的數量也在減少中,由10年前每個春季有大約10隻紀錄,到近一兩年只有一兩隻紀錄。

勺嘴鷸體型細小,又喜歡跟其他小型涉禽,如紅頸濱鷸混在一起, 所以不容易被發現。牠們在香港出現的實際數目可能會高於上面提及的數字。在這個春天,我們希望收集更多這鳥種的資料, 這讓我們更好地評牠的狀況。會員們, 如果你見到勺嘴鷸,請你在本論壇留下紀錄, 也可以PM給我。現時, 就算只是單隻的紀錄也很重要。海外的研究人員也有為部份勺嘴鷸帶上腳旗, 見到也請報告在這此。(注:在香港我們仍然未有有腳旗的勺嘴鷸的紀錄!)



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yyattung 31/03/2011 17:15

One with a trace of breeding plumage on coverts was seen from Mai Po boardwalk, 31 March 2011. No color ring/flag.

yyattung 4/04/2011 22:17

4 Apr 2011, one bird


John Holmes 5/04/2011 16:32

Possibly two on the incoming tide today. First spotted by PWMK.3551873d93aa445
Here are two shots of one of the birds

yyattung 6/04/2011 00:04


Thanks for posting pictures! Would members have photos of another individual?

This bird shows more rufous on throat, very different to the individual on 4 April. Therefore, at least two birds were presented on 4-5 April.


ajohn 6/04/2011 00:34

Two birds were present on 5 April. This one with some red starting to show on the throat and another in full winter plumage (presumably the bird from 4th)

lrichard 12/04/2011 17:51

One in full winter plumage seen from the new boardwalk hide on the incoming tide on 12 April. Richard

yyattung 12/04/2011 19:16

Richard, Two birds!

Two birds in non-breeding plumage were seen in close range from WWF boardwalk hide, 12 April 2011.


yyattung 15/04/2011 13:45

One in non-breeding plumage was seen (in long distance) from Mai Po boardwalk this morning (15 April), presumably one of the two birds seen on 12 April.


yyattung 21/04/2011 14:20

One was seen from hide 3 of the scrape (Pond 16/17) this morning. This bird has more dark feathers on mantle (but the throat is still whitish), presumably another different individual seen in this spring. A minimum of six individuals were seen at Mai Po this spring.

今早在米埔16/17號基圍見到一隻勺嘴鷸, 牠背部的羽毛已開始轉為繁殖羽的顏色(是深色). 所以推測牠不是之前紀錄過的個體. 直到目前, 最少有六隻勺嘴鷸出現.

yyattung 4/05/2011 21:53

We haven't had any sighting of the Spoon-billed Sandpiper for about 2 weeks. Previous records suggest that some birds could arrive Mai Po in early to mid-May. Please report here if you see it. Thank you!

已經差不多兩星期沒有勺嘴鷸的報告, 以前的紀錄顯示五月初到中旬都會有勺嘴鷸路經香港, 如果你有發現勺嘴鷸, 請報告在此, 謝謝!

yyattung 2/06/2011 23:47

Spring has gone and so I would like to make a conclusion right now. No Spoon-billed Sandpiper was seen or reported since late April. I have said some Spoon-billed Sandpipers had been recorded in May. The birds passing through Mai Po in May could refer to first year birds (i.e. born in the previous summer) because the young birds migrate later than the adults. Recent studies in the breeding grounds of Spoon-billed Sandpipers also reveal that the recruitment rate is very low, that is about the younger birds coming back to breeding grounds to start breeding. Therefore, the disappearance of Spoon-billed Sandpipers at Mai Po in May seems match to this finding. As mentioned before, one sighting could be significant for the conservation of this charismatic bird. Members are welcome to post any sighting of this species here in future.

Thank you very much

春天已過, 我可以做一個簡單的總結, 四月下旬過後, 我們再也沒有收到勺嘴鷸的紀錄. 之前提及, 五月也會有勺嘴鷸過境的, 而且通常是第一年鳥(即在去年夏天出生的幼鳥). 原因是幼鳥一般會慢一點才遷徙. 研究員在繁殖地的研究發現, 近年較年幼的勺嘴鷸回到繁殖地的數量跌幅很大, 這樣跟現在我們五月沒有發現勺嘴鷸的情況吻合. 所以現在每一個紀錄都很重要, 我懇請會員們如有發現勺嘴鷸, 請提交紀錄給我們或張貼在此.


EricB 5/06/2011 03:47

You might be interested in this recent game plan to save Spoonies.


If you wish to donate to the cause click  the Appeal* and scroll to ' Spoon billed Sandpiper appeal' at


bkenneth 5/06/2011 19:11

I will donate a bit, Eric. Thanks for the link.

Minor point - I think I am correct that it is not tax-deductible, anyone please?


John Holmes 9/03/2012 21:57

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