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kmike 6/12/2008 19:17

Ng Tung Chai Winter 2008/9

not a bad range of birds,  but it took 7 hours on-site to get all these! I walked aal the way to the top falls and then down the steep paththat comes out near the temple:

Woodcock - 1
Grey-chinned Minivet - 20
Olive-backed Pipit - 2

Mountain Bulbul - 2
Chestnut Bulbul - 20

Red-flanked Bluetail - 4
Lesser Shortwing - 1 singing
Grey-backed Thrush - 2

Pallas' Leaf Warbler - 10
Yellow-browed Warbler - 6
Mountain Bush Warbler - 1
Asian Stubtail - 1

Verditer - 1m (possibly 2)

Grey-cheeked Fulvetta - 1
Striated Yuhina - 30

Mike K

kmike 13/12/2008 23:45

Not Ng Tung Chai today, but lower Lam Tsuen from Ping Long to Tin Liu Ha.

Highlights included

Common Buzzard

Scarlet and Grey-chinned Minivets

8 warbler species:
Common & Mountain Tailorbirds
Bright-capped (4) and Zitting Cisticolas ( new patch bird for me)
Russet Bush Warbler
Yellow-browed Warbler
Dusky Warbler
Yellow-bellied Prinia

Red-throated Flycatcher - 1

Chestnut Bunting - 2
Black-faced Bunting - 2

White-bellied Yuhina - 2 (not many records on the patch each year)

Mike K

hgeorge 15/12/2008 14:11

A fully adult male [b]Rufous-gorgeted Flycatcher[/b] was seen near the [b]lower fall [/b]around 1030am.

kmike 22/12/2008 00:22

Rufous-gorgetted Flycatcher - Nice record George!

Today I birded in Tai Om, the valley to the North of Ng Tung Chai:

The highlight was [b]Brown Bush Warbler[/b] - which showed for a couple of minutes in the middle of a lantana. This is a new species for Lam Tsuen and was one of 10 warbler species seen and heard today.

I also had a minimum of 15 Chestnut Buntings, my first Ashy Drongo of the winter and Black-winged Cuckoo-shrike and wonderful views of a Pygmy Wren babbler which showed well next to the tree-shrine below the abandoned village for more than five minutes - fantastic!

Still no Grey-headed Flycatcher!

Mike K

kmatthew 25/12/2008 15:42

25/12/2008 Morning

Grey-backed Thrush
Pallas's Leaf Warbler
Yellow-browed Warbler
Mountain Tailorbird
Verditer Flycatcher x1
Red-billed Leiothrix
Pygmy Wren Babbler
Grey-crowned Warbler?? (see identify page)

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Beetle 26/12/2008 12:21

26 Dec, 07:30-10:30

Not far from the village entrace a singing [b](white-cheeked) Ashy Drongo[/b] attracted my attention. It was still present there when i leave at 10:20 but when a number of holiday hikers arrived, it flew away together with the wave of minivets.
Between temple and waterfall there was a wave of >20 [b]Striated Yuhinas[/b]. A bird wave then follow by, which include large number of white-eyes. When i was observing the warblers & white-eyes inside the wave, a [b]White-throated Fantail[/b] appeared. However i could only see its unmistakenable tail clearly before it flew down the valley.
When i leave i saw again the Ashy Drongo, and at the same place i meet another bird wave including warblers, minivets, Grey-headed Flycatchers & a [b]Verditer Flycatcher[/b].

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kmike 26/12/2008 20:30

Nice pic of the Striated Yuhina Beetle!

Today I had a Large Grass Warbler on the hill between She Shan and Lin Au.

Other birds of interest in the Tin Liu Ha area  included:


Grey-backed Thrush - 2
Chinese Blackbird - 5

Chinese Bush Warbler - 2
Black Monarch - 2

Hair-crested Drongo - 2

Mike K

thinfor 15/02/2009 13:46

The weather on Valentine's Day in 2009 was not so satisfactory indeed.  But our birding results were quite satisfactory.  We visited 2 places in 1 day.  The first place was Ng Tung Chai and the other was Nam Chung.  Please note that the birding record is posted separately in different topic.
2009年情人節的天氣並不理想, 但看到的雀鳥紀錄令人滿意.  這一天我們到了2個地方.  第一個是梧桐寨, 繼後的則是南涌.  請留意這個觀鳥紀錄會跟不同的主題分開發出.

Birding time 觀鳥時間: 0830-1000
Weather 天氣: 23-26C, overcast with drizzle, 密雲有微雨

194 Spotted Dove 珠頸斑鳩   few
251 Barn Swallow 家燕   x2
268 Grey-chinned Minivet   few, male and female
270 Red-whiskered Bulbul 紅耳鵯   abundant
271 Chinese Bulbul 白頭鵯   abundant
309 Streak-breasted Scimitar Babbler 棕頸鈎嘴鶥   x1
310 Rufous-capped Babbler 紅頭穗鶥   few
314 Black-throated Laughingthrush 黑喉噪鶥   x1
317 Silver-eared Mesia 銀耳相思鳥   few
319 Blue-winged Minla 藍翅希鶥   x1
[b]346.9 Mountain Tailorbird 栗頭縫葉鶯   x1[/b]
347 Common Tailorbird 長尾縫葉鶯   few
352 Pallas’s Leaf Warbler 黃腰柳鶯   x1
354 Yellow-browed Warbler 黃眉柳鶯   x1
[b]371 Verditer Flycatcher 銅藍鶲   x1[/b]
389 Great Tit 大山雀   x2
391 Velvet-fronted Nuthatch 絨額鳾   x1
397 Japanese White-eye 暗綠繡眼鳥(相思)   abundant
424 Eurasian Tree Sparrow 樹麻雀   few
447 Large-billed Crow 大嘴烏鴉   x1

Total no of bird species seen @ Ng Tung Chai 梧桐寨鳥種數目= 20
Total no of bird species seen in a day 當日鳥種數目總計 = 52

Lastly, special thanks to Colin for facilitate our access to these two venues.  We were not able to see so many different species in one day without him!
最後特別鳴謝Colin兄, 令我們可以很順利到達這2個地方觀鳥.  沒有他的幫助, 我們不能在同一天裡看到這麼多鳥種!

thinfor 15/02/2009 13:56

Please refer to [url]http://www.hkbws.org.hk/BBS/viewthread.php?tid=7403&extra=page%3D1[/url] for the birding record in Nam Chung in the same day.

Dragonfly 28/02/2009 00:04

My first visit to Ng Tung Chai, yesterday the 26th of February - (and my first post on this forum!):

A very rewarding visit, despite the drizzly weather. What a superb birding area and beautiful scenery.
Most species, including the difficult ones, seen very well and at close range.
Here is my trip report:

[u]NG TUNG CHAI Bird Trip Report        February 26th 2009[/u]
Weather: Drizzle, overcast, humid – upper part of forest covered in fog.
From Kam Lam Rd all the way to the Upper Waterfall and return.         07:30-14:00

067        Black Kite
194        Spotted Dove
208        Common Koel [i]several calling[/i]
209        Greater Coucal [i]1 calling[/i]
237        Great Barbet [i]1 calling[/i]
257        Grey Wagtail 2
260        Olive-backed Pipit
268        Grey-chinned Minivet [i]1 pair positively identified[/i]
269        Scarlet Minivet [i]6 positively identified[/i]
        Minivet SP [i]several flocks, total 20+[/i]
270        Red-whiskered Bulbul
271        Chinese Bulbul
273        Chestnut Bulbul [i]several flocks, total 20+[/i]
272.8        Mountain Bulbul [i]1 between Middle and Upper Fall[/i]
280.5        Lesser Shortwing [i]1 skulking adult seen and heard just uphill from the Country Park Map after the temple and at least 1, possibly 2 other individuals heard singing closer to Lower Fall.[/i]
287        Oriental Magpie Robin
298        Blue Whistling Thrush 2
        Thrush SP [i]1 flushed - probably Grey-backed[/i]
309        Streak-breasted Scimitar Babbler 1
309.5        Pygmy Wren Babbler [i]1 pair actively collecting nesting material at XXXXXX. Seen at very close range for half an hour.[/i]
310        Rufous-capped Babbler [i]several seen and heard[/i]
317        Silver-eared Mesia 2+
318        Red-billed Leiothrix 2
319        Blue-winged Minla [i]At least 3 different, all between Middle and Upper Fall.[/i]
345        Yellow-bellied Prinia
346.9        Mountain Tailorbird [i]1 singing male at the second Country Park Map after the temple.[/i]
347        Common Tailorbird
352        Pallas’s Lead Warbler
354        Yellow-browed Warbler
371        Verditer Flycatcher 1 [i]male[/i]
383        Grey-headed Flycatcher [i]a few individuals calling.[/i]
389        Great Tit
391        Velvet-fronted Nuthatch [i]2 near Ng Tung Chai Village[/i]
394        Scarlet-backed Flowerpecker [i]several[/i]
395        Fork-tailed Sunbird
397        Japanese White-eye
418        Yellow-billed Grosbeak [i]2 near Ng Tung Chai Village[/i]
424        Eurasian Tree Sparrow
436        Crested Myna
444        Common Magpie
Looking forward to going back there again....

wleepoin 9/03/2009 07:31


8th March 2009
(Record Shot)

a very misty day but this stunning male Japanese Robin just brighten up our day!


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thinfor 9/03/2009 09:34

Is it a orange-headed thrush [i]innotota[/i] subspecies?

Wow...I still haven't seen this species b4! 3551lol445

wleepoin 9/03/2009 10:15


sorry forgot to mention the name, it's a male Japanese Robin(have updated).

A very shy bird, we were very lucky to see it!


kmike 9/03/2009 11:01

Great to get a photo - they usually disappear much too fast!

A late date for the first one of the year - it could be a migrant (They winter in Hainan) or it could have been here all winter and staying in hiding!

Mike K

twallace 9/03/2009 13:27

Wow, Congratulations~~3551em011445



ypakwai 9/03/2009 16:54

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thinfor 9/03/2009 17:49

Thanks for introducing this bird.  Japanese robin is even harder to see!  3551em011445

(Yup, it looks like more to be a robin (smaller) instead of a thrush...)

wleepoin 9/03/2009 20:16

Thank you everybody! :)


gary 9/03/2009 22:24

First photo for this sp. in HK?
Record shot but clear enough to confirm male.

wleepoin 9/03/2009 22:41

Geoff Welch also had a stunning male in Nov 2007, pls see his Autumun 2007 Po Toi report.
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