[Outing] 7/12/2014 米埔觀鳥活動 MP Outing

7/12/2014 米埔觀鳥活動 MP Outing


舉行日期:2014年12月7日 (星期日)
行程時間:上午 8 時至下午約 4 時

--08:00 九龍塘地鐵站 (根德道出口/地鐵F出口), 或
--09:00 米埔停車場集合
回程時間:15:00 乘巴士回程 16:00 回到九龍塘














名額只限50位,請把報名表格連同活動費用寄交香港觀鳥會辦公室報名參加 (活動前4星期本會會員有優先參與權利)



活動查詢熱線/當天與領隊聯絡電話:9457 3196

因參與由香港觀鳥會 (下稱“本會”) 主辦的一般活動、戶外觀鳥活動或訓練課程 (下稱“活動”) 所出現的個人或財產的損失、受傷、死亡或損壞,無論是在活動過程中發生或活動完結後出現,本會不會承擔任何財政或其他方面的責任或義務。所有參與上述活動的參加者,必須確保自己的身體狀況能夠適應活動的要求,如有疑問,應該在參與活動前諮詢合資格的醫務人員,本會建議參加者應自行購買相關保險以保障自己。報名參與上述活動的人士即表示同意即使在活動過程中或活動完結後出現的損失、受傷、死亡或損壞,本會的執行委員會委員、其他委員會委員、職員、僱員、義工、中介機構或人員及分判商均不會承擔任何責任。


Details of the Mai Po Outing to be held on 7 Dec, 2014 as below:-

Date: 7/12/2014 Sunday
Activity time: 08:00 - 16:00

Gathering Time & Place:
--08:00 Kowloon Tong MTR Station (Kent Road Exit / F Exit), OR
--09:00 Mai Po car park

Departure time: coach leaves at 15:00 and back to Kowloon Tong at 16:00

Target Species: Waterbirds

Mai Po Outing Fee

Meeting Point at

Mai Po

Meeting Point at

Kowloon Tong




Student Member





Participants below age of 12yrs will not be accepted for Mai Po Outing visiting floating boardwalks.

Limited to 50 participants only - please return the registration form* together with the outing fee to HKBWS Office for registration.

* According to the requirement of the Hong Kong Police and the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department, participants for the Mai Po activities should provide their full name and Hong Kong ID No. on that day to register for the access to the Frontier Close Area and Mai Po Marshes.

We will confirm the participants about 5 days before the outing whether their application is accepted or not. Once the reservation is confirmed, we will not accept any withdrawal. All the registered participants are required to pay the prescribed fare, no matter they can attend the outing or not. If we cancel the outing due to inclement weather or special reason, the paid fare will be refunded to the participants.

The Activiites Enquiry Hotline / for contacting outing leaders on the event date only: 9457 3196.

The Hong Kong Bird Watching Society (“the HKBWS”) assumes no responsibility, liability or obligations, whether financial or otherwise, for losses, injuries, death, damages, whether to the person or property, arising or occurring in the course or as a result from the activities, outings or training courses (“the Activities”)organized by the HKBWS. Persons who participate in the Activities must ensure that they are medically fit to do so. If in doubt, they should consult qualified medical practitioners before participating. Participants are recommended to purchase relevant insurance for their own protection. By participating in the Activities, the participants impiedly agree that they will not hold the HKBWS, its Executive Committee members, other committee members, its officers, employees, volunteers, agents or subcontractors responsible or liable for any losses, injuries, death damages arising or occurring in the course or as a result from the Activities.

下載報名表格 Registration Forms:

14年10-12月戶外觀鳥活動_hkbws_outing_oct-dec14.pdf (549.64 KB)

14年10-12月戶外觀鳥活動_hkbws_outing_oct-dec14.doc (159 KB)
HKBWS Office
香港觀鳥會 辦事處


今日49人參加活動,共記錄77種雀鳥,感謝Bonnie、Philip & George帶領活動!

2014/12/07 MP outing, cloudy & little rain, 18.3c RH57%, E wind 26km/h
16        赤頸鴨        Eurasian Wigeon        1
17        綠頭鴨        Mallard        1
20        中華斑嘴鴨        Chinese Spot-billed Duck        1
21        琵嘴鴨        Northern Shoveler        1
22        針尾鴨        Northern Pintail        1
25        綠翅鴨        Eurasian Teal        1
31        鳳頭潛鴨        Tufted Duck        1
45        小鸊鷉        Little Grebe        1
55        黑臉琵鷺        Black-faced Spoonbill        1
63        夜鷺        Black-crowned Night Heron        1
65        池鷺        Chinese Pond Heron        1
67        蒼鷺        Grey Heron        1
68        草鷺        Purple Heron        1
69        大白鷺        Great Egret        1
70        中白鷺        Intermediate Egret        1
71        小白鷺        Little Egret        1
81        普通鸕鷀        Great Cormorant        1
83        鶚        Western Osprey        1
87        黑鳶        Black Kite        1
92        白腹鷂        Eastern Marsh Harrier        1
101        普通鵟        Eastern Buzzard        1
104        白肩鵰        Eastern Imperial Eagle        1
110        遊隼        Peregrine Falcon        1
122        黑水雞        Common Moorhen        1
123        骨頂雞        Eurasian Coot        1
131        反嘴鷸        Pied Avocet        1
132        鳳頭麥雞        Northern Lapwing        1
134        太平洋金斑鴴        Pacific Golden Plover        1
135        灰斑鴴        Grey Plover        1
139        環頸鴴        Kentish Plover        1
151        黑尾塍鷸        Black-tailed Godwit        1
154        中杓鷸        Whimbrel        1
155        白腰杓鷸        Eurasian Curlew        1
158        紅腳鷸        Common Redshank        1
159        澤鷸        Marsh Sandpiper        1
160        青腳鷸        Common Greenshank        1
163        白腰草鷸        Green Sandpiper        1
164        林鷸        Wood Sandpiper        1
167        磯鷸        Common Sandpiper        1
178        彎嘴濱鷸        Curlew Sandpiper        1
179        黑腹濱鷸        Dunlin        1
189        紅嘴鷗        Black-headed Gull        1
193        漁鷗        Pallas's Gull        1
201        烏灰銀鷗        Heuglin's Gull        1
220        山斑鳩        Oriental Turtle Dove        1
223        珠頸斑鳩        Spotted Dove        1
231        褐翅鴉鵑        Greater Coucal        1
265        白胸翡翠        White-throated Kingfisher        1
266        藍翡翠        Black-capped Kingfisher        1
268        普通翠鳥        Common Kingfisher        1
270        斑魚狗        Pied Kingfisher        1
293        棕背伯勞        Long-tailed Shrike        1
303        灰喜鵲        Azure-winged Magpie        1
306        喜鵲        Eurasian Magpie        1
310        白頸鴉        Collared Crow        1
311        大嘴烏鴉        Large-billed Crow        1
316        蒼背山雀        Cinereous Tit        1
322        紅耳鵯        Red-whiskered Bulbul        1
323        白頭鵯        Chinese Bulbul        1
345        褐柳鶯        Dusky Warbler        1
350        黃眉柳鶯        Yellow-browed Warbler        1
383        黃腹鷦鶯        Yellow-bellied Prinia        1
384        純色鷦鶯        Plain Prinia        1
385        長尾縫葉鶯        Common Tailorbird        1
392        黑臉噪鶥        Masked Laughingthrush        1
403        暗綠繡眼鳥        Japanese White-eye        1
405        八哥        Crested Myna        1
407        絲光椋鳥        Red-billed Starling        1
409        黑領椋鳥        Black-collared Starling        1
422        烏鶇        Common Blackbird        1
437        鵲鴝        Oriental Magpie Robin        1
440        北紅尾鴝        Daurian Redstart        1
443        黑喉石(即鳥)        Stejneger's Stonechat        1
475        樹麻雀        Eurasian Tree Sparrow        1
478        斑文鳥        Scaly-breasted Munia        1
481        東黃鶺鴒        Eastern Yellow Wagtail        1
484        白鶺鴒        White Wagtail        1

Total: 77 species

白腰杓鷸        Eurasian Curlew

黑鳶        Black Kite & 紅嘴鷗        Black-headed Gull

彎嘴濱鷸        Curlew Sandpiper

白腹鷂        Eastern Marsh Harrier

鳳頭潛鴨        Tufted Duck

黑臉琵鷺        Black-faced Spoonbill

鳳頭麥雞        Northern Lapwing

普通鵟        Eastern Buzzard & 喜鵲        Eurasian Magpie

白胸翡翠        White-throated Kingfisher

磯鷸        Common Sandpiper 無點

白腰草鷸        Green Sandpiper 小點

林鷸        Wood Sandpiper 特點

琵嘴鴨        Northern Shoveler & 骨頂雞        Eurasian Coot

中華斑嘴鴨        Chinese Spot-billed Duck

黑鳶        Black Kite

漁鷗        Pallas's Gull 1st winter

綠頭鴨        Mallard

遊隼        Peregrine Falcon & 白頸鴉        Collared Crow

普通鸕鷀        Great Cormorant & 白肩鵰        Eastern Imperial Eagle

草鷺        Purple Heron

普通鵟        Eastern Buzzard juvenile

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