[Hong Kong] Green-backed Flycatcher?

Green-backed Flycatcher?

Four images of a very green looking Narcissus-type flycatcher on Po Toi today, Tuesday 10th November.

Images supplied to me by Eliza Hui, the finder. Thanks Eliza. (I did not see it!)

I don't think this can be a Narcissus narcissina, and in autumn, Green-backed is much more likely than Narcissus owstoni

There may be more photos to come from others.


Here are two more photos of this bird, taken by the other observer, KK Chang - thanks KK.

This bird was obviously fairly tame and may have just arrived in the area. It appears to be developing a yellow throat, stronger than the yellow wash on the underparts.

We now have six or more super-close-up images of the bird so hopefully a positive ID can be made, I would guess between elisae and owstoni. I go for elisae, given the date and other features.

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Not seen on Po Toi today (Thursday)