Respecting Birds and Birdwatchers

Respecting Birds and Birdwatchers

I have read all the codes in this forum so I know how to observe moral birdwatching and photography.

However, yesterday an incident forced me into thinking about spreading the messages again.

The time was 12:30 and the place was the study area (野外研習園).

I was there alone looking for birds and animals. But several birds in a bush drew my attention. I saw a group of more than 15 Silver-eared Mesia playing in a bush.

So I crouched down and approached a tree nearby the bush. I moved very slowly for about 5 meters from tree to tree in order to hide myself from those colourful birds. It took about 15 minutes to do this. Then, I sit behind a tree and started watching them and taking photos of them.

Sadly and suddenly, a man and probably his wife appeared. One was in a red shirt and another was in a light blue coat. I saw the man holding a camera and intending to take photos of them. However, they talked so loudly that the several birds flew away. Then the woman using her fingers to point directly at the birds, further scaring the flock of birds.

I was thinking "If you watch birds, you got to respect them."

But the most absurd thing happened later. As they scared the flock of birds away, the man continued to chase after the birds into nearby trees. The birds scattered as the couple went very close to them.

I believe it is time to rectify the mindset of photographers. Birds should always be on the first priority. Photos are never beautiful if you disturb the birds like this.

Their behaviour was also disgusting from the viewpoint of other birdwatchers. I dressed in dark green coat with dark brown trousers and shoes to mimic the surroundings and hide by presence with tress. But, the inappropriately dressed couple totally disturb my comparison between the colour of two birds. Though I wanted to tell them the suitable methods of birdwatcher, I restrained myself as I fear our conversation would further disturb birds wanting to hide themselves from human.


Dear Louis

Hope you're corrcectly addressed.

First of all, is the place you're talking about means Outdoor Study Centre at Tai Po Kau. In that case it is open to the public.

Certainly the couple grossly behaved. But here is Hong Kong and supposedly they are Chinese. While not all Chinese are so insenitive and nonsensible, certainly they are quite commonly among present wildlife photographers. So long as they are vilolating no Hong Kong law you or me can't nothing about it, not even reporting them.

You're advised not to confront them, even if they are members of the society. At present, our society takes a very lenient attitude towards we members and people easily become members, no screening at all.

Present your disappointment to the  society on proper occasions like AGM or send a complaint letter to
the executive committee. That's all one can do.


S L Tai



I understand your concern.

Actually before the couple arrived, a man dressed in black had used his umbrella to stab into the bush so as to scare the bird to the top of those scrub.

That's terrible.

I think, apart from the insensible behaviour of certain bird photographers, there are also some people acting ridiculously.