Editing / organizing photos

Editing / organizing photos

Can anyone recommend the best way to organize and delete photographers on a Mac please?  I've recently got a Mac, but I don't like iPhoto but want to find another way of viewing photos in folder and then deleting unwanted ones.

Any advice gratefully received.


How about a MAC-OS operated DPP (Canon Digital Photo Professional)?  You can download in Canon website with the following link:

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Manson Tsang


Hi Dave,

Well, here is the way I use to follow. Maybe other have better suggestion and more quickly one, but I think it depends on everybody way of use of the images, so :

- I make a first selection using the folder previewing solution, when you open a folder in mac, you have 4 differents presentation showed in the top left hand side of the window (as shown on the attached screen shot).Then you have to stretch the window as big as possible to have a bigger image. Then you slide the picture in the half top part using the mouse and when you see anyone you don't want, you use your key board and do a "command + delete), it will place the file in the basket paper. The advantage of this solution is that you don't have to select the file name on the below part of the window, and then you can continue view the following image with your mouse.
This first selection will allow you to delete all the heavy blur pictures, over/underexposed one,or obvious wrong bird position...

- I usually make a second selection using preview software allready install in all mac system.This one allow you to zoom in and zoom out on the pictures and load the pictures very quickly, open up to 100 pics in one time is not a big problem. The best way is to take notes on a side paper of the files you want to delete, and once you've finished your selection you go back to your folder and select all of them and place them in one time in your basket paper.

- then I use photoshop to open and select the final one, you can resize them, using this software even with the light edition.
I always use to keep all the rough files untouched and always "save as" the selected one under another folder. This is how i organyse all my picture, by given different folder name and by naming all the pictures. In my saved picture I always keep inside the full orginal name to be abble to find again easily the original un-modified rough file in case of needing of hight resolution picture for edition or other use..., I usually keep only low definition (20 x 30 cm in 72 dpi) of all my selected pictures to avoid use to much space in my computer or external hard drive, knowing that you will easily find the original rough file having kept the reference inside your picture name.

Do not forget to back-up some time all your folder with all your original files on a DVD or any other support, but also your selection to avoid have to make it a second time.
Well all this process is quite time consumming, but you will save much more time when you need to find back some pictures.

PS : if you find sex and age of the birds in attached file and full species and subspecies name, I offer a 1 hour private lesson:-)

All the best,



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i am currently using aperture which i find quite useful ..

Folders/Projects: location/Date
Keywords: for type of bird etc
Wilson Dring


Thanks all for your feedback - I will have to now make some time to sit down and try these methods out!