[Oversea] Some common Australian birds - 1

Some common Australian birds - 1

Went to Australia for a four weeks trip. Haven't gone for any serious birding excursion during my stay apart from a half-day trip to the Royal National Park. But was unable to see my target birds such as lyrebirds and the Azure Kingfisher. A bit disappointed and then received a call from Halicat informing me that the following day's Pelagic trip will be cancelled due to poor weather forecast. Well... not much luck with birds in Australia I guess.

July/August isn't the best season for birds anyway. But I was surprised to see the mudflats almost totally deserted (seems even more so than those in HK during summer times) - I thought I'll be able to see some local species...

Anyway, I did tried to make some photos in parks and off the streets. Though they are all common birds, I still found some of them very attractive as I don't see them often. I must admit it was fun to photograph in parks as there are a lot of actions all the time while people feed the birds. I am posting some of them below and in subsequent threads. Hope you won't be bored and please correct me if my identifications are wrong.

Australian Darter

Australian Pelican

Australian White Ibis

Australian Wood Duck

Black Swan

Common Myna

Common Starling

Crested Pigeon

Crimson Rosella

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Angus Lau


      Some nice photos which remind me of why I miss Sydney birds.
Although August is a bit early to be seeing returning waders it is the time for nesting honeyeaters, pardalotes and raptors.  Peregrines are nesting along the cliffs on the south and northern beaches of Sydney and Osprey and Sea Eagles on the lakes. The Kuringai Chase National Park (northern side ) is a good place for honeyeaters.
Due to the breaking of the drought inland ( the Outback ) many of the water birds have left Sydney to breed.  Last year there were 90 pelicans on Dee Why Lagoon and this year in June only 4 . Many of the ducks have gone too.
I'll be back there in Sydney in October and hopefully will be in time for the peregrine young fledging.