Dong Ping Chau 東坪州

Dong Ping Chau 東坪州

Today on Dong Ping Chau the following birds were seen. This was not reallya briding trip and I'm such many more birds were there for the finding.

Common Sandpiper 1

Cmmon Buzzard 1

Emerald Dove 2
Oriental Turtle Dove 5

Chestnut Bulbul 10

Rufous-tailed Robin 1
Daurian Redstart - 3

Blue Rock Thrush - 2
Pale Thrush - 4
Scaly Thrush  - 1
Grey Backed Thrush - 5
Thrush sp 30+

Yellow-browed Warbler - 5
Pallas Leaf Warbler - 1 h
possible Hume's Leaf Warbler - 1 (brief views only)
Manchurian Bush Warbler - 1

Mike K
Mike KilburnVice Chairman, HKBWSChairman, Conservation Committee


A very good day for thrushes at Dong Ping Chau on Sunday (28th):

Grey-backed Thrush x33
Japanese Thrush x7
Pale Thrush x10
Scaly Thrush x2
Common Blackbird x4
Thrush sp. x50 including 1 probable brown-headed
(Total 106 thrushes!)

Also present:
Daurian Redstart x6 (all female)
Asian Brown Flycatcher x1
Black-naped Monarch x2
Tristram's Bunting x1
Chestnut Bulbul x13
Japanese Bush Warbler x3
Pallas's Leaf Warbler x6
Yellow-browed Warbler x2
Emerald Dove x1 (heard only)
Red-billed Starling x2
Kentish Plover x5


Hello John,

very good finding!

On the same day (28/1) when I was hiking with frioends, I also saw:
Greater Coucal x3
White-breast Kingfisher x1
Collared Crow x3
Blue Rock Thrush philippensis x1
Common Sandpiper x4
Daurian Redstart (F) x5
Many thrushs (but only confirm 1 blackbird, 1 grey-back)

Were we met and talked in the boat!?


Yes, it was me you met on the boat. I'm glad you managed to see some thrushes. Although lots were present, I found that they were often very difficult to see well so I had to spend a lot of time waiting for them to appear!