Duck photos need for China photoguide

Duck photos need for China photoguide

I have done a round of photo selection for the booklet on Ducks (including Divers and Grebes).  Here is a description of missing photos.  If you have any of these photos, please help.  Thank you.

0064 栗树鸭 Lesser Whistling Duck        need underwing photo
0065 鸿雁 Swan Goose       
0066 豆雁 Taiga Bean Goose        need subspecies johansen (Xinjiang, Qinghai, Shaanxi)
0067 短嘴豆雁 Tundra Bean Goose        need upperwing photo, need subspecies rossicus (Xinjiang, Shaanxi)
0068 灰雁 Greylag Goose        need juvenile photo
0069 白额雁 Greater White-fronted Goose        need juvenile photo
0070 小白额雁 Lesser White-fronted Goose       
0071 斑头雁 Bar-headed Goose       
0072 雪雁 Snow Goose        need dark morph (subspecies caerulescens, W of N America)
0073 小美洲黑雁 Cackling Goose        need all sorts of photos of subspecies leucopareia (Japan, W USA, clear white basnd on lower neck): adult, juvenile, upperwing and underwing
0074 黑雁 Brent Goose        need subspecies nigricans underwing
0075 白颊黑雁 Barnacle Goose        already have 1, but better to have more adult photo
0076 红胸黑雁 Red-breasted Goose        need underwing photo
0077 疣鼻天鹅 Mute Swan        need underwing photo
0078 小天鹅 Tundra Swan        need more adult photo
0079 大天鹅 Whooper Swan       
0080 瘤鸭 Knob-billed Duck       
0081 翘鼻麻鸭 Common Shelduck       
0082 赤麻鸭 Ruddy Shelduck       
0083 冠麻鸭 Crested Shelduck        need painting
0084 鸳鸯 Mandarin Duck        need eclipse and juvenile male (both female type with a red bill)
0085 棉凫 Cotton Pygmy Goose       
0086 赤膀鸭 Gadwall        need eclipse male
0087 罗纹鸭 Falcated Duck        need male of juvenile and eclipse plumage
0088 赤颈鸭 Eurasian Wigeon       
0089 绿眉鸭 American Wigeon        need all sorts of photos, especially flight photos
0090 绿头鸭 Mallard        need eclipse male and juvenile
0091 棕颈鸭 Philippine Duck        need more juvenile photo
0092 印缅斑嘴鸭 Indian Spot-billed Duck        need more male and female
0093 斑嘴鸭 Chinese Spot-billed Duck       
0094 琵嘴鸭 Northern Shoveler        need female upperwing photo
0095 针尾鸭 Northern Pintail        any juvenil photo?
0096 白眉鸭 Garganey       
0097 花脸鸭 Baikal Teal        need juvenile photo
0098 绿翅鸭 Eurasian Teal       
0099 美洲绿翅鸭 Green-winged Teal        need all sorts of photos, especially flight photos
0100 云石斑鸭 Marbled Teal        need flight photo
0101 赤嘴潜鸭 Red-crested Pochard        need juvenile photo
0102 帆背潜鸭 Canvasback        need more photos of all kinds
0103 红头潜鸭 Common Pochard       
0104 青头潜鸭 Baer's Pochard        need male in flight
0105 白眼潜鸭 Ferruginous Pochard        need juvenile male
0106 凤头潜鸭 Tufted Duck       
0107 斑背潜鸭 Greater Scaup        need juvenile in autumn or early winter
0108 小绒鸭 Steller's Eider        need more photos, especially in flight, juvenile, and eclipse male
0109 丑鸭 Harlequin Duck       
0110 斑脸海番鸭 White-winged Scoter        need more photo of female and juvenile of subspecies stejnegeri (NE Pacific coast of Eurasia)
0111 黑海番鸭 Black Scoter        need female in flight
0112 长尾鸭 Long-tailed Duck        need flight photos
0113 鹊鸭 Common Goldeneye       
0114 白秋沙鸭 Smew       
0115 普通秋沙鸭 Common Merganser       
0116 红胸秋沙鸭 Red-breasted Merganser        need photo of male underwing
0117 中华秋沙鸭 Scaly-sided Merganser       
0118 白头硬尾鸭 White-headed Duck        need photos of upperwing, more females, and 1st summer male (dark-headed variant)
0119 红喉潜鸟 Red-throated Loon       
0120 黑喉潜鸟 Black-throated Loon       
0121 太平洋潜鸟 Pacific Loon       
0122 黄嘴潜鸟 Yellow-billed Loon       
0139 小鸊鷉 Little Grebe        need subspecies philippensis (Taiwan or Philippine), especially in flight
0140 赤颈鸊鷉 Red-necked Grebe        need flight photos of subspecies holbollii (not from Europe and Middle East), also need photos of chicks and immatures (holbollii only).
0141 凤头鸊鷉 Great Crested Grebe       
0142 角鸊鷉 Horned Grebe        need chicks (not from America)
0143 黑颈鸊鷉 Black-necked Grebe        need chicks (not from America or Africa), also need upperwing photos

HF Cheung