[China] 雲南 Yunnan (2)

雲南 Yunnan (2)

Yunnan Bird Watching Trip (2): Cangshan, Dali

Plesae help with the bird ids, thanks.  (Bird ids were updated as advised by John Holmes below for easy reading)

1.  斑喉希鶥 Chestnut-tailed Minla

2.  紅脇藍尾鴝(雌) Red-flanked Bluetail (female)

3.  紅脇藍尾鴝(雄) Red-flanked Bluetail (male)

4.  藍額紅尾鴝(雌) Blue-fronted Redstart (female)

5.  藍額紅尾鴝(雄) Blue-fronted Redstart (male)

6.  綠背山雀 Green-backed Tit

7. 黑冠山雀 Rufous-vented tit

8. 褐脇雀鶥 Rusty-capped Fulvetta

9. 白眉雀鶥 White-browed Fulvetta

10.  灰頭鶇 Chestnut Thrush

11. 普通鵟 Common Buzzard

12. 淡綠鵙鶥 Green Shrike Babbler

13. 黑頭金翅雀 Black-headed Greenfinch

14. 純色噪鶥 Scaly Laughingthrush

15. 灰喉柳鶯 Ashy-throated Warbler

16. 橙翅噪鶥 Elliot’s Laughingthrush

17. 斑胸鈎嘴鶥 Spot-breasted Scimitar-babbler

18. 戴菊 Goldcrest

19. 小鵐 Little Bunting

20. 小鵐 Little Bunting

21. 高山旋木雀 Bar-tailed Tree-creeper

22. 黑眉山雀 Black-browed Tit

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I like the bird in first picture


Birds of Cangshan, Dali

Great photos that bring back memories of the "Cloudy tourist Walk" at Dali

Following the numbers and English names in MacKinnon and Phillipps the ??? are :

7.  858 Rufous-vented tit
8. 1116 Rusty-capped Fulvetta
9. 1109 white-browed Fulvetta
10. 709 Chestnut Thrush
11. 492 Common Buzzard
12. 1092 Green Shrike-Babbler
13. 1248 Blac-headed Greenfinch
14. 1040 Scaly Laughingthrush
15. 983 Ashy-throated Warbler
16. 1041 Elliot's Laughing Thrush
17. 1056 Spot-breasted Scimitar-babbler
18. 889 goldcrest
19. & 20: 1313 Little bunting



I can imagine you must have great memories.  When we stayed at the Higherland Inn and said that we came from Hong Kong, the young man in-charge there immediately showed us two beautiful bird photos hung up on a wall in the main room.  He appeared that he liked the photos very much.  He knew they were shot by a Hong Kong person, though he thought the person was a Chinese.  He knew there was a photographer's name on the photos but it could not be seen directly as it was covered by the frame.  He regreted that he did not know the photographer as he only started working there since Novermber last year.  He took down a photo and opened the frame in front of us.  It revealed a name of "Jemi & John Holmes".  We promised we shall send him a photo of the photographers.

Thank you for the bird ids.



再有一張 One more photo:
23. Any idea about the id?


Looks like a White-Collard Yuhina.
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