[China] Hainan Jian Feng Ling尖峰嶺

Hainan Jian Feng Ling尖峰嶺

Dear all,

I am planning to go to the Jian Feng Ling from 15 - 20 May and looking for company.  Anyone interested can contact me by sending me a message and leave your phone no..

Louis Cheung


I've scheduled to visit SamYa from 17 - 21 May. May go there from 18-19 May. (My email


Thank you for tpluk and John's detailed information about JFL that I could easily contact Mr. Xu of the Tian Chi Mountain Resort.

We made a short to Sanya from 17 - 21 May 2010 and stayed at JFL 3 days for birding during the interval.

We arrived Sanya, Hainan at 17/05/2010 from HK International Airport. After contacted with Mr. Xu of Tian Chi Mountain Resort, we were picked up to the Resort at 18/05 pm. We walked along the boardwalk in Mingfenggu at nearly 4:00pm but were disappointed that no bird was seen.
In the next morning we saw almost 20 species of birds around the area of the water tower. I didn't recognize many of the species since I’m green in bird watching. The most excited moment was that the Hainan Blue Flycatcher even stayed no more than a meter away from us. I regretted that I didn't take its close-up photo due to my poor photo gear and technique. We went to the Arboretum at about 10:30am. No bird was seen but heard some bird songs. We stayed there for more than an hour and hurried back in fear of the coming rain. We walked down to the lake and saw some little grebe swimming around there.
On 20/05 morning, it was very silent and very few birds were seen around the mountain resort. We left the resort at about 10:30am and headed to Sanya bay by a salon car driven by Mr. Xu’s friend. We stayed at JFL for only 3 days 2 nights and not much bird was seen. Anyway it was a fruitful birding trip to me though I didn't recognize all of the species that we met. I suppose May is not the ideal season for birding in JFL.

The following birds were encountered during the visit:

Hainan Blue Flycatcher        海南藍仙鶲        2-3 seen on 2 days
Yellow-billed Nuthatch chienfengensis         淡紫鳾        2-3 seen on the first day
Mountain Bulbul        綠翅短腳鵯        many on the first day, few on the second day
Chestnut Bulbul        栗背短腳鵯        many on the first day, few on the second day
Grey-capped Pygmy Woodpecker        星頭啄木鳥        1 on the first day
White-throated Fantail        白喉扇尾鶲        1 on the first day
Black-capped pygmy woodpecker        黑枕黃鸝        few on the first day
Short-billed  Minivet        短咀山椒鳥        both male & female were seen on the first day
Black-browed Barbet        黑眉擬鴷        1 seen on both days
Red-headed Trogon hainanus        紅頭咬鵑        1 seen on both days
Little Grebe        小鸊鷉        about 6-8 were seen in Tian Chi with chicks
House Crow        家鴉        seen on the field near Tian Chi
Common Myna        家八哥        many were seen at the resort area of Sanya Wan
Eurasian Tree Sparrow        樹麻雀        many were seen at the resort area of Sanya Wan
Chinese Bulbul        白頭鵯        many were seen at the resort area of Sanya Wan, seeking dry leaves for nesting. Many were seen in JFL too.
White Wagtail        白鶺鴒        1 was seen at the roof top of the resort building
Little Swift        小白腰雨燕        many flying catching insects, some were feeding chicks in a nest at the ceiling of the corridor of the Days Hotel at Sanya Wan
Great Egret (suspected)        大白鷺(疑似)        a group of about 12-13 flying from west to east in delta shape along the beach of Sanya Wan with yellow bill and black claw, not sure they were Great Egret or others
Oriental Magpie Robin        鵲鴝        many were seen at the resort area of Sanya Wan

Lillian Mak