Save White Storks in Austria !!!!!

Save White Storks in Austria !!!!!

A pair of beautiful and healthy White Storks, named Hansi and Lisa, who have been unlucky to nest near the military and civil airport in Zeltweg (Austria), is threatened by shooting!

We strongly object to allowing the option of killing these protected in Europe birds. So efficient and rich in taxpayers' money institution, as the Austrian Air Force, could possibly organize a safe catch! Killing of these birds would be a very dangerous precedent!

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On the page , dedicated to the Storks’ protection, you can learn a little more about this shocking case. Unfortunately, the situation is very serious. It turns out that the idea of extermination of the pair of storks - Hansi and Lisa, is not the sole merit of the Austrian Air Force. What is strange and surprising, this idea is supported by all authorities, institutions, politicians and even ... project manager 'Weißstorch" (" White Stork ") in Styria! It is even stranger that despite heavy use of the airport by both, military and civil aviation, there has been no threats from storks, so far. Well, the idea to remove the storks from the area of the airport is probably due to scheduled for July 2011, a great air show 'AirPower11', which will be held just in Zeltweg! A giant party involving hundreds of planes and, of course, big business and prestige for the region. But why, as always, at the expense of nature?

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Eva Stets