[Others 其他] White-Yellow leg flag sights香港环志的鸻鹬涉禽在大陆的观察记录

White-Yellow leg flag sights香港环志的鸻鹬涉禽在大陆的观察记录

A black-tailed godwit with engraved HK combination leg flags found at Beidaihe,Hebei,by a photogragher named 潮来轩 on 22 April 2011,more pictures SEE attached link

I try twice but i can't reply my add more reports here,and can't add the pictures,i will send all the info to clive,so don't need to send to them again to avoid too much

A red necked stint was found by me at Yalu river,Liaoning on 17 May

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Thanks for the comments, Kestrel. The bird was flagged at Mai Po on 22 January 2011.

To be clear, did the Red-necked Stint you saw at Yalu Jiang have Hong Kong leg flags? This would be a significant sighting, because we have never had a stint resighted at this site previously. Could you tell whether the leg flags were engraved?


Thanks for your reply~
Yes,i thought it is most likely White and yellow flag combination,you may check it on the attached pic,the flag on the uper leg looks like white,and the flag on the lower leg looks like yellow falg defiled by mud,i don't know whether there is a engraved flag.


IMG_8934-红颈的白黄旗标.jpg (76.26 KB)

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Yes, I agree that this is a HK flag.
The fact that the flags are above and below the knee suggest that this is an engraved flag on a bird trapped this spring (non-engraved flags have usually been fitted with both above the knee). The apparent freshness of the flag supports this. If you have any clearer photos thiese might allow individual ID, but I realise that it will usually be very difficult to get the detail on a stint.

Even without knowing the individual ID this is a significant observation. We have had only three previous resightings of HK-flagged Red-necked Stint - one in Japan (two sightings, but probably involving the same bird), one in Thailand and one in Indonesia. This is the first record of a HK-flagged Stint in mainland China. Thank you reporting this bird.

Please submit the details to the Australian Wader Study Group for inclusion in the database for the flyway.

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A Grey Plover with White over Yellow Flags in Dandong,Liaoning

Both the two flags with alphanumeric L8,on 22 JUNE 2012 By BAI Qingquan(, at Ash pond(39°51′34″N ,124°11′31″E),i will report to milton soon.
and another HK Grey plover L9 at the same site recorded in May for several times by Divid melville,Paul holt and Terry....i think they have reported the records to you...

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A Grey Plover with White over Yellow Flags in Panjin,Liaoning

Both the two flags with alphanumeric,but failed to read the alphanumeric,At Shuangtaizi NNR,40°50′N,121°33′31″E,on 3 May 2012,By BAI Qingquan(


Thank you for reporting these sightings from northeast China. I knew about the resightings of L9 already. Both L8 and L9 were flagged on the same night, 22 March 2012. L9 was seen in Hong Kong until 31 March, and then in Liaoning from 6-11 May. L8 was seen in Hong Kong until 28 April, but this report is the first sighting since then. L8 is a first-summer bird, which may explain why it has not continued further north to breed.
A shame that you were unable to read the engraved flag on the bird at Shuangtaizi, but thank you for the sighting, at another site on the Yellow Sea. These results show the importance of the Yellow Sea as a stopover for birds from Hong Kong - all resightings of Hong Kong-flagged Grey Plover have come from the Yellow Sea, mostly from Liaoning.


Ajohn,i apreciate your comments on the two flagged Grey plovers,attached picture is the way,Have you ever band Great knots with white over yellow flags?


IMG_2136-Grey ploverL8.jpg (74.65 KB)

1/07/2012 12:55

IMG_2136-Grey ploverL8.jpg


Thank you for the photo, kestrel.

Yes, we have flagged Great Knot. There are two birds with engraved white over yellow leg flags, and several more with plain flags.


I think i saw a Great knot with plain white over yellow flags on 24th April, Site 5 of yalujiang NNR.
and i saw Grey plover ‘L8’ again on 21st July,2012 at 'Ash pond(39°51′34″N ,124°11′31″E)',the same site as it had been seen last time.


Have you ever banded a Grey Plover with alphanumeric J6?
i spotted the grey plover with White over Yellow combination At Shuangtaizi NNR,Liaoning,40°50′N,121°33′31″E,on 25th Aug 2012,By BAI Qingquan(,the bird was resting with a flock of feeding sharp-tailed Sandpipers and red knots,the alphanumeric looked like J6,but not very sure.check the picture

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Hi Kestrel,
Yes, we have flagged a Grey Plover with the combination J6, and I agree that this appears to be that bird.
J6 was flagged on 9th March 2012, at Mai Po. This is the first resighting of this bird, and reinforces the importance of this part of the Yellow Sea for Hong Kong's Grey Plovers.
Thank you again for reporting this sighting.


HK leg-flagged birds, Mai Po boardwalk, 31 Aug 2012:

Greater Sand Plover B1, B9, B0, C1, C4, H9
Common Greenshank E4, H2
Common Redshank A4, H2, R2, R9, S0
Terek Sandpiper N6, S1
Whimbrel K5
Black-tailed Godwit (distant) B3 (or may have been B8)


HK leg-flagged birds, MP Boardwalk, August 30
From photos:

Greenshank C4, D3
Redshank U0, U7
Whimbrel K5


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Flagging interest

At Pond 16a or is it 16b ?  MPNR today, 2nd Sept 2012

Greater (?) Sand Plovers C6, B1

Terek Sandpiper P4


This thread is resightings of HK birds in Mainland (as mentioned in the Chinese text).

Might be more "centralised" to post local sightings under this thread:



Thanks, Katherine.

I will re-post at your link.....  I knew the original thread was out there somewhere !



Hi Kestrel
You may be interested to know that the Grey Plover L8, which you sighted in Liaoning in June and July this year, has returned to Mai Po - I saw the bird at Mai Po yesterday, 18th November.


That' s very interesting news!
The last HK Grey plover i have seen this season is on Sep 29 with plain flags at site2(39°49′30″N,124°06′12″E) of YLJ.and another one with engraved flag that failed to id was also at site2 on Sep 14th.
Grey plover is one of the important species both in northern and southern migration in Yalujiang Estuary.the Max count 3700 was in early Sep during southern migration of 2012.and last weekend there are still hundreds of grey plovers remained even though the tidal flat will frozen soon.

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观察人:黄秦      坐标: N 22°31'50.77",E 113°58'48.61" (来源:Google Earth)
生境 :滨海湖泊(低盐度)      潮位:退潮           天气:晴
青脚鹬  右上,白黄旗,编码D7,白旗褪色泛淡黄  

2012年8月19日,这只青脚鹬在同一地点被拍到过,拍摄者 欧阳勇 ,照片来源 华侨城湿地

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Hi Ajohn,
I saw the Grey plover J6 again at the same site!Shuangtaizi NNR,Liaoning,40°50′N,121°33′31″E,on 16th May 2014,and another Grey plover with engraved HK flag combination R7.the two birds both with breeding plumage,and resting with a few hundreds grey plovers on the mudflat of a big pond.