Tai Mo Shan - Spring/Summer 2012

Tai Mo Shan - Spring/Summer 2012

8 May 2012

I walked from TMS to Ng Tung Chai this morning. Most interesting to me was hearing the Russet Bush Warbler, I assume the one reported here ... 479&extra=page% , where the trail to Ng Chung Chai meets the TMS trail. It certainly seems to be acting like it is on territory. I haven't heard of this species breeding in HK before.

Also at Tai Mo Shan (almost all heard only)

1 Chinese Babax
28 Brownish-flanked Bush-warbler (counted from Route Twisk to Ng Tung Chai)
1 Pygmy Wren Babbler

and on Ng Tung Chai section

1 Hainan Blue Flycatcher
1 Hodgson's Hawk-cuckoo
2 Lesser Shortwing
2 Red-billed Leiothrix


Re. Russet Bush Warbler.

The first record of a bird singing in mid-summer on Tai Mo Shan was in July 1995 (Avifauna). They've been heard singing there in summer in most years since then, with a juvenile being seen in July 2001 (HKB Report 2001-2002).



Thanks, didn't get a chance to check the Avifauna before I posted. It seems then Russet Bush Warbler has been constant as a rare breeder but seems Brownish-flanked Bush Warbler has really exploded.


Brendan -

Yes, that about sums it up. A Brown-flanked Bush Warbler was heard in song on Tai Mo Shan in April 1999. Breeding was proved in 2003 and up to 6 were singing in 2004. There were 12 singing in 2006 and I also had 12 in song in 2009. 28 may well be a record count for Tai Mo Shan - although there may be a higher count than that in the past 2-3 years from the Pat Sin Leng range.



19 August 2012

A flock of 16 Vinous-throated Parrotbills were seen. Quiet else wise.