Tung Ping Chau Spring 2013

Tung Ping Chau Spring 2013

A very good day for migrants today on Tung Ping Chau, with a good variety of birds seen. A fruiting Banyan was particularly good for attracting thrushes.

Chinese Pond Heron 3
Grey Plover 3
Red-necked Phalarope 1 Seen from ferry shortly before arriving
Indian Cuckoo 2
Oriental Dollarbird 3
Barn Swallow 55 (on island and from ferry)
Red-rumped Swallow 3 (from ferry mid-way across Mirs Bay)
Pale Martin 1
Asian House Martin 1
Olive-backed Pipit 1
Ashy Minivet 8
Japanese Paradise Flycatcher 1 male
Black-naped Monarch 2 females
Narcissus Flycatcher 2 males
Mugimaki Flycatcher 1 male
Blue and White Flycatcher 1 male
Asian Brown Flycatcher 1
Yellow-browed Warbler 18
Eastern Crowned Warbler 1
Pale-legged/Sakhalin Leaf Warbler 3 - 1 bird confirmed to be Pale-legged based on song
Dusky Warbler 1
Pallas's Leaf Warbler 1
Brown-headed Thrush 1 male
Eyebrowed Thrush 1 male
Pale Thrush 2
Japanese Thrush 10+
Grey-backed Thrush 5
Rufous-tailed Robin 1 singing
Tristram's Bunting 1 male
Little Bunting 1
Black-faced Bunting 3