Bittern sp 未明鳽

Bittern sp 未明鳽

Is this just a juv Yellow Bittern? It seemed too large and somehow odd - scalloping on the back?

Seen at Po Toi today, Friday 22th October.

Geoff Welch

Later. I realise now this is a juvenile Striated Heron. It's exactly like the picture in Robson 'Birds of SE Asia' but really quite different to the picture in 'Birds of HK and S China'.

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Hi Geoff

Did you see this bird emerge from under the boat?

On this pic the wings look as if they have some rufous on them, which I'm pretty sure Striated never shows. It las looks like the wings/tail have blackish feathers, but I guess it could just be a trick of the light.

When you add the cmment about scalloping It gives weight to my gut reaction that this is a juvenile Black Bittern, but acknoledgign it ahrd to judge size from this pic I wouldn't yet rule out Cinnamon, with those rufous wing feathers

Mike K
Mike KilburnVice Chairman, HKBWSChairman, Conservation Committee


Thanks Mike. Here are some more photos.

The bird was too big for Cinnamon Bittern. When I first saw the bird, I thought it was a Great Bittern, in fact I reported it on Birdline as Great Bittern but withdrew the report when I looked at the photos. I did not consider juv Striated Heron at first because it didn't look at all like the previous one I had seen - here is a photo of that bird

a much darker brown with different markings on the breast, mantle and wings. But the picture of juv Striated Heron in Robson's Guide to Birds of SE Asia is closer to this bird. I never considered juv Black Bittern (I guess I thought it would be black!) but it does seem to fit size and plumage, again from the picture in Robson.

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The rufous tertials and primaries are diagnostic of juvenile Chestnut Bittern.  Note also the rather stout bill (which may have been was led Geoff to think it was a larger bittern).


Thanks Paul and Mike.

There is a photo of juv Cinnamon Bittern at Long Valley by John Holmes on OBI, I can see the similarity with this bird. My size impression skills obviously need working on.