[Hong Kong] 本會譴責干擾野鳥的行為 The Society condemns all bird disturbances

本會譴責干擾野鳥的行為 The Society condemns all bird disturbances

The Society condemns all disturbances to wild birds, nests and eggs




Recently, we received a report regarding disturbances to wild birds and nests caused by photographers, and another report of some chicks being stolen from nests in the wild. The Society would like to take this opportunity to express our concerns for these incidents and to condemn these harmful and selfish behaviours. The Society calls for the public to put the welfare of the birds first during bird watching and photographing activities.

Under Hong Kong Legislation Chapter 170 Wild Animals and Protection Ordinance, any person shall not disturb any wild birds, nests or eggs. Contravention of the above shall be liable on conviction to a maximum fine of HK$100,000 and to imprisonment for 1 year.

The Society urges the public not to approach or disturb any nests and chicks during the breeding season, and not to disclose the location of nests. If you see any of the above unlawful activities, you can consider to intervene under safe conditions; if not, please immediately report to the Police and 1823, and can inform the Society as well.
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