南面浮屋大型整修 Southern Hide Major Revamp (9/6 - 30/9 2015)

南面浮屋大型整修 Southern Hide Major Revamp (9/6 - 30/9 2015)

南面觀鳥浮屋於1996年啟用, WWF一直進行維護及保養,以供觀鳥者及訪客使用。經過19年歲月,該觀鳥屋需維修的次數近年日趨頻密,主要支架亦非常老舊,因此須進行大型整修,以確保安全。工程將於6月9 日起進行,並預計於9月底前完成。工程期間觀鳥屋以及通往該觀鳥屋的木橋路段將暫停開放直至工程完畢。請勿在工程期間使用此木橋或觀鳥屋。若為閣下構成任何不便,本會謹此致歉。如欲查詢進一步資料,請聯絡米埔自然保護區辦公室,電話:2471-6212。

The Southern Floating Hide was built in1996. WWF has maintained the hide through a continuous programme of repairand upgrade over the last 19 years. However, repairs have become substantial inrecent years and the main wooden structure is now showing signs of decay. Thehide is in need of urgent repair if it is to remain safe and usable. Therefore, the hidewill be under major revamp this summer from 9 June 2015 onwards. The hide andthe boardwalk section leading to the hide will be closed until the work iscompleted by the end of September. Please do not enter the boardwalk and hideduring this period. Sorry for any inconvenience or disruption this may cause.If you require any further information please telephone the WWF Mai Po Office on 2471-6212.


南面浮屋重建已完成 Southern Floating Hide Revamp completed




Revamp of the Southern Floating Hide is completed. Both the hide and the boardwalk section leading to the hide are now reopened to the public. The revamp was made possible through funds raised from the Big Bird Race 2015. WWF is honored to have received technical advice on the hide’s design from Mike Chalmers, who is our former Mai Po Management Committee member, the architect of 2 Mai Po Centres, and a keen bird watcher!

It took the Mai Po field staff a total of 3.5 months to complete the project. This involved dismantling the old hide, bringing the floating platform back to the helicopter pad at Southern Mai Po for rebuild, and final tow back to its original location.

New features include improved ventilation, more seats, hooks installed at the back of the hide for visitor to place their belongings, and 2 floor height shutters for photographers to take picture of waterbirds closer to the ground / bird eye level.


Original posted by WWF Mai Po at 24/09/2015 16:42
浮屋的重建工程現已完成,觀鳥屋以及通往該觀鳥屋的木橋路段現已重新開放。是次重建工程是由WWF香港觀鳥大賽籌得的善款資助,並得到WWF前米埔管理委員會成員,米埔教育中心及訪客中心的建築師,本身亦是熱心觀鳥者的米湛士先 ...
Excellent!  I can't wait to visit this fantastic new bird hide.
By the way, for the next new bird hide, it will be perfect if we can shift the perimeter columns to behind the seating benches, so that bird watchers/photographers can have an unobstructed view.  I have on many occasions lost track of flying birds when my view through my panning 800mm telephoto lens is suddenly blocked by a column, and have the impulse of sawing down the column some day (except there is no saw around)....  As a registered civil engineer, I can assure you that the concept of shifting the columns behind the seating benches is structurally feasible.


Southern hide

Visited the new hide today and took in all the new features.

"Well Done" to everyone involved in the design, planning and construction !


Visited today and found a blue barrel placed outside the birdhide, it's belong to WWF or fishman?



Dear esther03166,

Thank you very much for reporting the case. The blue bucket and tools belong to the workers (under AFCD contract) who are currently carrying out the mudflat vegetation management work, including control of mangrove seedlings and sedges. You can refer to last year's post for reason and details of the work:

Original posted by WWF Mai Po at 4-7-2014 12:22
Sedges and Mangrove Seedling Management 2014
世界自然基金會每年於觀鳥屋前的潮澗帶泥灘,進行管理莎草及紅樹樹苗的工作。此項工作對維持泥灘作為水鳥覓食地、生態研究、教育及觀 ...

We'll speak to the workers about keeping the site tidy. Please keep reporting to us at Mai Po Office (24716212) or the Visitor Center reception if you find any problem in future.

Thank you very much.

Katherine Leung
Senior Reserve Officer


I visited the new bird hide yesterday and was impressed by all the new features, particularly the nails for hanging backpacks and the doorless design which provides good ventilation particularly in those hot summer days and also avoids unwanted noises from opening/shutting doors that may scare off birds.  The low level window design is innovative and interesting.
The narrow window design will help to provide good concealment of birder from the birds, though may restrict the birder's view to only birds on mudflats but not flying birds.  Photographers may need to adjust tripod height from time to time. I still dream of a columnless window design.
Nevertheless, the room for improvement should not overshadow the great work done.  "Excellent and well done!" to everyone involved in the design and construction of the new bird hide.