[Geese] 彈藥用盡! Surrender to goose!

彈藥用盡! Surrender to goose!

Before yesterday, I thought D4s' battery and dual-cards were limitless, at least for a single-day birding trip.  Luckily I had spare battery and memory cards. It was firstly the kingfishers (all 4 species showed up at close range), then the ducks and gulls including of course Hong Kong's first record of Franklin's Gull, the raptors, the Great Bittern, and finally the Greater White-fronted Goose which walked closer and closer, flew away, came back again and walked closer and closer, flew away, came back, flew away, came back.  Birders in the same bird hide were busy in replacing batteries and memory cards.  With my camera running on spare battery pack and spare memory card and my right first finger was so tired in pressing the shutter button, I had prayed that the goose could spare me for the day...
At last, it was the sun that drew the curtain.  What a day!!!
These are some photos of the Greater White-fronted Goose picked from 9358 photos taken on the day 28 November 2015 at Mai Po - about one-third photos were on the goose.  Mai Po I love you!

Grey-headed lapwing became 'obstruction' on this particular day.  Some birders whispered 'lapwing go away!' hoping to get a clean shot of the goose.

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Great shots


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Great shots
Thank you!


Some other photos taken on the same date at Mai Po (to be continued)

普通翠鳥 Common Kingfisher

斑魚狗 Pied Kingfisher

藍翡翠 Black-capped Kingfisher

白胸翡翠 White-throated Kingfisher

灰頭麥鷄 Grey-headed Lapwing

烏灰銀鷗 Heuglin's Gull (1st winter)

烏灰銀鷗 Heuglin's Gull

紅嘴鷗 Black-headed Gull

黑嘴鷗 (非繁殖羽) Saunder's Gull (non-breeding plumage)

針尾鴨(雄) Northern Pintail (male)

針尾鴨(雌) Northern Pintail (female)

赤頸鴨 Eurasian Wigeon

琵嘴鴨 Northern Shoveler

綠翅鴨 Common Teal

長嘴半蹼鷸 Long-billed Dowitcher

澤鷸 Marsh Sandpiper

青腳鷸 Common Greenshank

紅腳鷸 Common Redshank

環頸鴴 Kentish Plover

灰鴴 Grey Plover

普通鸕鶿 Great Cormorant

磯鷸 Common Sandpiper

中杓鷸 Whimbrel

白腰杓鷸 Eurasian Curlew

池鷺 Chinese Pond Heron

蒼鷺 Grey Heron

中白鷺 Intermediate Egret

小白鷺 Little Egret

白胸苦惡鳥 White-breasted Waterhen

黑翅長腳鷸 Black-winged Stilt

反嘴鷸 Pied Avocet

鵲鴝(雄) Oriental Magpie Robin (male)

黑喉石(即鳥)Stejneger's Stonechat

東黃鶺鴒 Eastern Yellow Wagtail

白鶺鴒 White Wagtail

棕背伯勞 Long-tailed Shrike

黑臉琵鷺 Black-faced Spoonbill

魚鷹 Osprey

純色山鷦鶯 Plain Prinia

白肩鵰(幼鳥) Imperial Eage (juvenile)

Imperial Eagle and its prey

Pull feathers time!  (Eagle pulled duck, Crow pulled Eagle)

Imperial Eagle, Black-eared Kite and Collared Crow

小鸊鷉 Little Grebe

鳳頭鸊鷉 Great Crested Grebe

大麻鳽 Great Bittern

費氏鷗 And finally, the Franklin's Gull (center of photo) which is Hong Kong's first record
(sorry for the poor quality as I only took one blast of shots and then rushed off to pond 16/17 for the white-fronted goose)

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Mainland border patrol boat was seen that morning - first time ever for my numerous visits to the same boardwalk bird hide in past several years.
I heard from some birders that HK Police also visited the bird hide recently and several birders without the closed area permit were caught.  
This reminds me that it is again time to renew the permit.

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More Greater White-fronted Goose photos taken on same day and same place

Photos taken before sunset

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great shots.
thx for sharing.


This is awesome!

Thanks for sharing.


Thank you for your compliments, kc3018 and wksf.

I have now strengthened my accessories and should now be fully equipped for shooting from dawn to dusk.

Come on, goose!

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