[Hong Kong] Seabirds ID please

Seabirds ID please

Photos taken on 9/4/2017
On the way back from Po Toi Island to Stanley (near Stanley)

A flock of small birds are flying near water surface.
Sorry for the poor photo quality since they were just too far away.

3 photos are of the same birds.
Could they be murrelet?
or just some ducks?? Do ducks fly near water surface while migrating, or high up in the sky??
Thanks in advance!!!!

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Some of them are caught in weird 'shapes' but several of them are pretty clearly ducks, so I think they all must be. They all look the same size and coloration.

There's just a hint of grey on the wings of at least one bird in the bottom shot - I think they may well be Garganey.

Ducks quite commonly fly quite low over the surface of the sea like this when migrating, though they also fly quite high over the sea at times too.


Garganey and Red-breasted Merganser are the only migrant ducks I have seen in flocks like this near to Po Toi.

I think it is a Garganey flock, the timing is right.