Bird photos for 2016 Hong Kong Bird Report

Bird photos for 2016 Hong Kong Bird Report

We are currently working on the 2016 Hong Kong Bird Report and we are looking for photos to be included in the report.

If you have any good photos that you would like to submit for inclusion in the report, please contact me. If you have put a photo on a website, including the HKBWS website, please let me know (including URL if possible) and I can look it up.

At this stage, small copies are better, I will ask later if we need an original. The only requirements are:
-        Photos should be of wild birds, taken in Hong Kong during 2016
-        Photos should be in jpg format

Any species can be submitted for consideration. When making the final decision on which photos for inclusion in the report we tend to prioritise the following:
-        Rare or unusual species that may not be recorded every year;
-        Species that are regular in Hong Kong but are rarely photographed;
-        Records that are unusual in some other way (e.g. seen at an unusual time of year, or part of an influx of a particular species);
-        Species or plumages that have not featured in recent editions of the Hong Kong Bird Report.

If you have any photos that you would like to submit for consideration, please contact me by Private Message through the website or at johnallcock @ netvigator. com (please remove spaces from the address).
Thanks for your help

John Allcock
Editor, HKBR