收集2017年觀鳥記錄 Request for 2017 records

收集2017年觀鳥記錄 Request for 2017 records


這些記錄收集自本會的網站、會員提供的資料 (包括電郵、Facebook、What’s App等社交網絡)、以及本會進行的鳥類調查。不過,我們相信仍有遺漏,實在需要各位會員提供觀察記錄。大家不妨在下載 2017 Records 表格,並提供10至20個(或更多)2017 年的觀察記錄:
請按此下載: 2017_Records.xls


Every year, HKBWS publishes an Annual Report listing all species recorded in the year and details by species.

Although we collected records from the website and by means of social media (e.g. Facebook, What’s Apps, etc.) from members, we may miss some and it’s always better to get records direct from members. So why not send in your best 10 or 20 records from 2017?  All you need to do is download the spreadsheet “2017 Records” in the attached Excel file:
Click here: 2017_Records.xls

and then send the completed spreadsheet to Records Committee Secretary at

Please complete the file and submit on or before 28th February 2018. If the bird records can be received by that date or earlier, they would be assembled within the “Hong Kong Bird Report” of the year.