In memoriam - Dr NG Cho-nam, Vice-chairman

In memoriam - Dr NG Cho-nam, Vice-chairman

In memoriam - Dr NG Cho-nam, Vice-chairman of HKBWS

We feel deep sorrow that Dr NG Cho-nam our Vice-chairman has left us, he was admitted to hospital for a few days after a stroke and passed away on 13th December, 2019.

Dr NG’s passing is a cause of great sorrow. This is not just a great loss for the HKBWS, but a loss for Hong Kong’s conservation community in general. The Society is thankful to him for his years of dedication and devoted contribution to Hong Kong conservation.

We express our sincere condolences to his family. We hope they can take some comfort from his achievements.

Dr NG Cho-nam studied abroad in the 1980s then came back to teaching at City University of Hong Kong. Encouraged and inspired by Mr LAM Chiu-ying to start bird watching, he grew to love birds and a desire to protect birds and their habitats led to a role in conservation.

Dr NG became a HKBWS Committee Member in 1994. From then on, he was responsible for pursuing HKBWS objectives with the aim of protecting birds and their habitats in Hong Kong and other parts of Asia. Dr NG served on the Society’s Nature Conservation Committee from its set up in 1997. Starting in 2004 he became a Bird Watching Society Vice-chairman.

In 1999, Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation (KCR) proposed a Lok Ma Chau spur line viaduct through the middle of the freshwater wetland of Long Valley.  Dr NG responded wholeheartedly to this threat to a unique habitat. Being also the Chairman of the Conservancy Association at that time, he encouraged more conservation NGOs to join the Long Valley campaign. More and more HK citizens and green groups were inspired to oppose the KCR project.  Eventually, a Court ruled that KCR had not done the Environment Impact Assessment properly. The spur line route went underground instead, while above it, Long Valley became the site of a first Management Agreement project in 2005.

When the Conservancy Association and the Society started wetland management in Long Valley, Dr NG’s planning and participation was whole-hearted. His field research suggestions and practical proposals encouraged the participation of local farmers and led to fruitful conservation and educational promotion results from the site.
Conservation management in Long Valley has become a model example of good environmental practice in Hong Kong, all due to Dr NG’s contribution. 

Beginning in 2012, Dr NG directed efforts to promote the HKBWS’s Hong Kong Fishpond Conservation Scheme, contributing to the conservation of 600 hectares of fishponds in the Deep Bay area. Due to his unrelenting enthusiasm he was able to engage the participation of stakeholders such as fish pond operators and Tai Sang Wai villagers, as well as Government Departments to gain approval and funding.  His strong influence has made this local fish pond project a continuous success up to the present.

Dr NG Cho-nam was deeply devoted to the ecological systems and the beautiful environments in the mainland. From early birdwatching trips on the mainland with experienced birders, he became especially fond of remoter parts of Yunnan and Guizhou Provinces. In 2005 he used his enthusiasm and influence to assist BirdLife International to set up the BirdLife International HKBWS China Programme, which had a great impact in promoting bird conservation in the mainland.

Dr NG’s conservation dreams never ceased. In recent years, he regularly led university students to do research in the ecologically-rich mountains and rivers of Yunnan province.

Despite our deep sorrow we will continue Dr NG’s pioneering work in the same spirit in Hong Kong and further afield.

Condolence to Dr Ng

Bulletin 1993

June 2000 Dr Ng explaned the important of Long Valley conservation │23 June 2000 Save "Long Valley" Campaign at Hung Hom KCRC station

8 October 2000 Save "Long Valley" Campaign at Hung Hom KCRC station │ October 2000 Dr Ng with BirdLife International bird experts at Long Valley

March 2006 Dr Ng with Long Valley farmer- Mr Yeung │ Febrary 2008 Chinese Arrowhead digging at Long Valley Harvest Festival

2002 Meeting with Birdlife Asia in preparing for HKBWS China Programm setting up │ 2004 Bird Watching Competition

31 March 2008 At HKBWS office, Tsim Sha Tsui │ April 2011 HKBWS Bird Watching Completition "The Lark" team

April 2012, sharing after Bird Watching Competition │ September 2012 HKBWS 55th Anniversary

December 2014 the First Fishpond Festival │ December 2016 Eco-fish promotion

Febrary 2018 Dr Ng was walking in an art work, Fishpond Festival 2018 │ 2017, the 60th Anniversary celebration


Funeral of Dr. Ng Cho Nam, Vice-chairman, HKBWS

The funeral of Dr. Ng will be held at 5pm on 3 Jan 2020 (Friday) and 9:30am on 4 Jan 2020 (Saturday) in the Hong Kong Funeral Home (679 King’s Road, North Point).

A memorial service will also be held at the University of Hong Kong in mid-Jan. More details will be announced later.


Department of Geography, University of Hong Kong has produced an e-book in memory of Dr. NG Cho Nam.
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