Records Committee Decision 2021

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Records Committee Decision 2021

At a meeting on 13 May 2021, the Records Committee made the following decisions.

Additions to Cat I
●        Goldcrest Regulus regulus at Po Toi on 31 March 2020, followed by record at Tai Po Kau on 20 April 2020.
●        Jacobin Cuckoo Clamator jacobinus (spp pica) at Mai Po on 30 May 2020.
The HK List now stands at 564 species in Cat I and II.

Addition to Cat III
Ryukyu Scops Owl Otus elegans firstly reported near Tai Lung Experimental Farm, Sheung Shui, on 25 July 2020.

Taxonomy and HK List nomenclature changes:
An updated HK List will soon be published. It incorporates changes introduced in the recent IOC v11.1 and v11.2 species and taxonomic updates as follows:

Black-tailed Godwit: add newly described subspecies bohaii, which is larger in size compared to melanuroides and is the common wintering form in HK.

Collared Owlet: to be moved and resurrected Taenioptynx (Salter et al. 2019). i.e. Taenioptynx brodiei

Siberian House Martin: Common House Martin Delichon urbicum in Hong Kong to be renamed to Siberian House Martin Delichon lagopodum in the coming HK List after the proposed split was accepted in IOC v11.2 (and details referred to Leader et al. 2021).

IUCN Red List status
Dalmatian Pelican and Japanese Night Heron were downgraded to Near-threatened (NT) and Vulnerable (VU) respectively.

Changes of committee structure and chairperson
RC is re-structured by increasing members and the establishment of a “Checklist Sub-committee”. Records Committee maintains the main function of assessing the records of species that are considered rare or are seen in unusual circumstances in terms of numbers, location or date. The Records Committee comprises 4 to 6 members. New members are being recruited.

The new Checklist Sub-committee is to maintain and update the HK List by reviewing species which could probably be added or removed from the HK List. Any potential to affect the status of any taxon on the HK List should also be assessed by the sub-committee. The Checklist Sub-committee comprises 3 members.

Mr. Geoff Carey decided to step down as RC chairman, it was agreed Yu Yat-tung would be the next RC chairman. Records Committee current members include Yu Yat-tung (Chairman), Gary Chow, Paul Leader, and Richard Lewthwaite.

The Records Committee thanks Geoff for his great contribution in the last 30 years.

Yu Yat-tung
RC Chairman






戴菊 Regulus regulus (2020-03-31) 於蒲苔島記錄, 及(2020-04-20)於大埔滘記錄
斑翅鳳頭鵑 Clamator jacobinus (亞種 pica) (2020-05-30) 於米埔記錄



最新的 《香港鳥類名錄》即將刊登。本名錄包含了《世界鳥類名錄》(IOC) v.11.1和11.2 的鳥種及分類更新改動如下:

黑尾塍鷸: 增加新描述的亞種bohaii ,體型較另一個亞種melanuroides為大,在香港常見於冬季。

領鵂鶹: 改變及復用Taenioptynx (Salter et al. 2019). 因此是 Taenioptynx brodiei

遠東毛腳燕(暫定中文名): 在香港的毛腳燕Delichon urbicum在即將刊登的香港鳥類名錄中被改為遠東毛腳燕Delichon lagopodum,原因是《世界鳥類名錄》v11.2接納這分種的提議( 詳情要參考Leader et al. 2021) 。




賈知行先生決定退下紀錄委員會主席一職, 而余日東先生成為新一任主席, 紀錄委員會現任成員包括余日東先生(主席) , 周家禮先生, Paul Leader先生及 Richard Lewthwaite 先生。




Hi Tung.
What about Ryukyu Flycatcher Ficedula owstoni which has been split from Narcissus Flycatcher by the IOC (Version 11.2 draft)?



Hi David,

Please advise me if I am wrong in the following comment.

As far as I know, the IOC v11.2 draft is still not being totally accepted (and otherwise it would not be called as draft) and just a bit more formality needs to be done from IOC for final acceptance. Once IOC announce the results, we will accept those split (or lump) from following the IOC list.



Addition to Cat III
Ryukyu Scops Owl Otus elegans firstly reported near Tai Lung Experimental Farm, Sheung Shui, on 25 July 2020.

What about the earlier records of the Ryukyu Scops Owl, going back to May 2020? Were these not assessed by RC, or were they considered Not Proven?
I would be interested to see an explanation of the Cat III decision for this record. Has the RC uncovered any evidence of captive trade, or is this decision based on caution due to a lack of other records on mainland Asia?


I know from experience that the RC can only consider what is placed before it.