基圍#16/17生境管理工作 Habitat Management Work at Gei Wai #16/17

基圍#16/17生境管理工作 Habitat Management Work at Gei Wai #16/17


1.   於7月下旬把基圍水位調控至較低水平,以便工作人員於鳥島及其周邊濕泥範圍剪草。

2.   8月至9月期間,把基圍水位調高至最高水平,務求盡量把鳥島植被淹沒,以減低植物生長及擴展速度。與此同時,保護區內其他「補充高潮位棲息地」,如基圍#11(8號觀鳥屋對出)的水位相對調低,以確保過境遷徒中的水鳥得以棲息使用。

3.   10月再將水位調低至正常水位高度供水鳥棲息。


Habitat Management Work at Gei Wai #16/17

In preparation for the coming migratory and wintering season, the habitat management team of Mai Po Nature Reserve is preparing an open, non-vegetative shallow water habitat for those soon to be arrived waterbirds. The team is conducting the following works at gei wai #16/17, the largest high-tide roosting site within the reserve:

1.   Lower the gei wai water level for grass cutting work on bird islands and surrounding area in late July.

2.   Submerge bird island vegetations by raising the gei wai water level as high as possible for two months (Aug – Sep) to minimize the growth and spreading of vegetations. At the meantime, alternative high-tide roosting sites such as gei wai #11 (in front of Bird hide no. 8) will be maintained under relatively low water level, ensuring available roosting habitats for migratory waterbirds.

3.   Readjust the water level to normal operation level in October.

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米埔16/17基圍水位 Gei Wai 16/17 Water Level

Water level of gei wai #16/17 is adjusted to normal operation level for migratory waterbirds.