Peregrine subspecies? 游隼亞種 ?

Peregrine subspecies? 游隼亞種 ?

When looking at visible migration from the south point of Po Toi early yesterday morning (October 26th), I saw the resident pair of Peregrines attacking a larger raptor, which responded by flying upside down and showing a fearsome pair of talons. Unfortunately, the birds disappeared around the cliffs and I saw nothing more and did not identify the other raptor.

This morning (Friday October 27th), I saw both birds attacking the larger raptor again, so I climbed to the lighthouse to get a good view. By the time I reached the top, the two resident birds had gone and only the larger raptor remained. I was very surprised to see it was another Peregrine, but as it was at least 10% larger than the local female I watched and took some photos. The bird was not only larger but also much more lethargic, flying slowly around in circles. I attach photos with a Black Kite, I estimate it's wingspan about 90% of the Black Kite, making it about 130cm according to BHKSC.

Is it a northern Peregrine, subsp calidus or something similar?

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Hi geoff
For your information
i also got two record photos last sunday. (22-Oct-06)
Wish can give u more information about that.




Thanks Kenny

I think your first bird is the resident Kestrel on the SE peninsular, and the second bird is probably one of the resident Peregrines.



Hi Geoff

I think your larger peregrine is the migrant race calidus, which is known to be larger and paler then the resident peregrinator.  Paer birds also have a tendency to look larger which probaby enhances the actual size difference.

I've never seen both races together, and I certainly envy you the sighting!

Mike K
Mike KilburnVice Chairman, HKBWSChairman, Conservation Committee


Thanks Mike. I hope the bird may stay around so I can get some photos of the two races together, maybe others will also see it.

A final shot of the resident male Peregrine dive-bombing the intruder.