[China] Anmashan 台中鞍馬山

Anmashan 台中鞍馬山

Taichung Anmashan台中鞍馬山
Feb 2009

All pictures were taken along Ta Hsueh Shan Lin Road and An Ma Hotel (at Section 43K)
主要觀鳥點都是集中在大雪山林道及鞍馬山莊附近(位於43K 路段).

Swinhoe’s Pheasant punctually appeared in section 23K at 5pm.  However, my car scared the female away as I arrived a bit late.  The male appeared after a while but female never came back.
大雪山林道23K路段. 藍腹(閑鳥) 夫婦準時 5pm 出現. 不過我遲到. 車子嚇走了他們. 過了一會. 只剩下先生再出來. 太太不見了.

He freely walked along the road to feed.
好大的膽子. 在馬路上四處搵食.

Even came within 3 meters from my car. My 300mm lens couldn’t picture the whole bird.
還跑到我 3 米之內呢.

looks very hungry…… feeding feeding feeding

Just park your car in the appropriate place and make your camera ready.  These pheasants will appear from the slope from the slope where the green road sign 23K located at the left hand side of the picture at 6am and 5pm. Very punctual.
只要把車停在一傍. 它們好像不太理人. 每天 6am 及 5pm 準時從 23K 路牌的斜坡跑出來.

At the same time, the Mikado Pheasants appeared in Section 47K.
另一隻大雞差不多同一時間會在 47K路段出現. 帝雉

Very confiding birds just feeding along the road and walked towards the noisy photographers.  They stayed for about 10 minutes and suddenly disappeared.
比起藍腹(閑鳥). 他們膽子更大. 唔理 d 人係度郁黎郁去換位. 他們繼續搵食. 大約留了 10 分鐘. 食夠就走.

This is where the birds congregated. The red fruit at section 23.5K attracted birds there and photographers just waited and got what they wanted happily.
每年2月. 在 23.5K 的山桐子結果都吸引大量鳥兒在覓食. 只要站在適當位置吹吹水. 不費吹灰之力就可以拍到鳥兒了.

White-eared Sibia came quite often.

Flocks and flocks of Taiwan Yuhina…… couldn’t be missed.

Vivid Niltava were very confiding.  They often perched to the branches very close to the people without fear.  You can almost catch them in your hands.
黃腹琉璃算是最大膽. 經常跳到你的頭頂. 公的母的. 永遠不會令人失望. 只怕他們跳得太近. 拍不到好角度.

Green-backed Tit also there.

Even Black-browed Barbet joined this party.
連五色鳥也來參與呢個 party.

Scaly Thrush secretly arrived and fed at the lowest branches.

Taiwan Barwing at the far end.

Luckily on the last day also see this endemic bird :Yellow Tit

Unfortunately I did not picture the Island Thrush which also appeared there to feed.

At section 21.5K where I took pictures of these Plumbeous Redstart
在 21.5K路段拍很近的紅尾水鴝

This is where I found these birds at section 21.5K.  the mini waterfall 40 meters away from this red road sign on the right.
位置21.5K 路段. 相中右手邊紅色牌前 40米的小瀑布. 佢兩隻野成日係到玩.

In An Ma Hotel, there are also lots of birds but they are relatively shy like this: Steere’s Liocichia
鞍馬山莊附近也有大量小鳥. 只是比較害羞. 黃胸藪眉

Cherry Blossom at the hotel.

Taiwan Yuhina at the backyard.

and also this White-eared Sibia

This Pale Thrush always appeared at the bush closed to the restaurant.  You can see this bird through the window of the restaurant while having breakfast everyday. This picture taken from the window of the restaurant.

Eurasian Nutcracker found at section 49K.  It is quite active there.
活躍於 49K路段的星鴉

The scenery in Anmashan.

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great pix - request for more info

Dear Eling

Your photos are fantastic!! Its also great to have accurate information about where to o to see these wonderful birds

I am going to Taiwan with my wife at the end of April (We will fly to Taichung) and the two pheasants are my no 1 target species.

Do you know if the birds come out like this all year, or only in winter?

Also I would appreciate any advice you have about where to stay in these birding areas, ow to get there  and any details about hiring a car.

Please PM me if you have time.

Many thanks
Mike K
Mike KilburnVice Chairman, HKBWSChairman, Conservation Committee


Hi Mike

I was told by the Taiwanese that these pheasants occurred everyday throughout the year.  For the Swinhoe's Pheasant, it occurred at 6am and 5pm everyday at 23K.  As I said before, just wait "inside the car" at the sign of 23k and it will slowly come out from the slope and walk around the road to find food.  

For the Mikado Pheasant, it also appeared roughly the same time as the Swinhoe's Pheasant but at 47K.  sorry that i did not take any picture of the exact location where it appeared.  anyway, you will see people there to wait for the birds as this place is not any secret at all.  These are confiding birds, you can stay in the middle of the road to wait.  

this is where i rented the car :

you can call their Tai Chung brance to reserve a car as their web site only entertains people with Taiwan ID number (phone no: 886 (04) 2703-2912 )

This Volkswagen Polo was recommended by the branch manager and i rented it for NT$1800/day only.  You can ask the manager to pick you up from the airport to their office where you need to do all the paper works there for the rental.  They can do airport transfer free of charge when you return the car.  Remember to ask for the netvigator from the shop (unfortunately it has only chinese version)  

Gas in taiwan is much cheaper than HK, it costs only NT$22.6 per litre.  NT$21.1 only if you pay cash.

For the accommodation, i think the only available option is An Man Hotel (鞍馬山莊). For weekdays, it costs NT$1800 for a double room including breakfast and dinner.  You can book through their web site:
after making the reservation, you better call them to confirm your arrival time by calling :
886 (04)25877901 or (04)25877902 or (04)25229797

this is the reception of An Ma Hotel:

The hut (for two person) NT$1800 about HK$400

Breakfast :


Or you can try their cafe at the 1/F :

the menu:

Taiwan Observatory for the weather forecast:

Two groups went to An Ma Shan after reading my birding reports and they've got exactly what i have seen (actually got more ticks than me ).  I wish you good luck and tick your target birds as you wish.

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Fantastic pictures and thanks for sharing all the information!
Must try and get there some time.



真係 "猴鰓雷" !!
我去過四五趟 , 沒有你一趟拍的多