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Subject: Yellow-throated Bunting 黃喉鵐 [Print This Page]

Author: jaclau    Time: 1/04/2010 22:13     Subject: Yellow-throated Bunting 黃喉鵐

PO Toi 01-04-2010

Author: tsheunglai    Time: 1/04/2010 22:44

Dear Jack

Nice photos of the buntings. See how they brighten up nature more than our most fashionable clothes can do!

Still I hope we haven't caused too much alarm to the birds and subsequently leading to their having not
enough of food-fuel intaking as jeopardize their successful and safe journey back home!

So let us don't come too near them so as to keep up harmony with them -the true form of nature we are already losing much. This applies to me more simply because I am having more time birding than most among us.

S L Tai
Author: jaclau    Time: 1/04/2010 23:12

Dear S L Tai

I totally agree with you. We should keep a distance from the bird especially those need to leave in hurry. The bunting is far away from me. I just use a 600mm lens  X 1.4 X 1.3 and also crop about 70%. As a result the bird seem to be close. I think not to disturb their living is much more important than to get a great photo. Anyway, thanks for your opinion.
Jac Lau

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