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Subject: Special Feature Gallery - Dalmatian Pelican [Print This Page]

Author: hkwongkit    Time: 30/04/2011 19:33     Subject: Special Feature Gallery - Dalmatian Pelican

I've just created a Special Feature Gallery for the Dalmatian Pelican. This huge bird used to visit Hong Kong between Dec and Mar annually but no more. Read on and enjoy the images captured on 14 Mar 2005 when I was extremely lucky to have a close encounter with them at Deep Bay ...

All comment welcome.
Author: fkm    Time: 1/05/2011 02:55

A wonderful collection, well done, KK!

Too bad we cannot see them in Hong Kong any more...
Author: Andy-li    Time: 1/05/2011 04:27

terrific Mster
Author: wleepoin    Time: 2/05/2011 20:38

Excellent series !

Wish they will come back to visit us again

Thanks for sharing.

Author: tongmenxiu    Time: 6/05/2011 08:02

Nice shot!
Author: hkwongkit    Time: 14/05/2013 16:55

Thought someone might be interested and miss the first round ...
Author: kc3018    Time: 14/05/2013 17:33

awesome pictures...

hope they will return to Hong Kong very soon...
Author: John Holmes    Time: 15/05/2013 06:17

There must be more than a few of us hoping to see these again....
Author: Lionel_Wong    Time: 3/08/2013 18:09

nice shot
Author: hkwongkit    Time: 20/01/2015 08:54

The Gallery has been moved to ...

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