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Subject: [Hong Kong] 徵求西貢雀鳥記錄 Request for Sai Kung Bird Records [Print This Page]

Author: HKBWS Chuan    Time: 6/03/2014 15:40     Subject: 徵求西貢雀鳥記錄 Request for Sai Kung Bird Records

本會現正收集西貢區 北丫,東丫及高流灣的雀鳥記錄。這些地點是西貢內的”郊野公園不包括土地”。 這些雀鳥記錄對本會處理這些不包括土地的規劃過程將會有很大幫助。

Dear Birders,
The HKBWS is collecting bird records from the Sai Kung area at Pak A, Tung A and Ko Lau Wan.  These are Country Park enclaves of Sai Kung, and bird records for these areas will be especially helpful to the Society in the upcoming planning process for these Country Park enclaves.  
Please indicate the location and date of the record, thank you.

Image Attachment: SaiKung1.jpg (6/03/2014 15:40, 318.89 KB) / Download count 482

Image Attachment: SaiKung2.jpg (6/03/2014 15:40, 444.66 KB) / Download count 468

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Author: HKBWS Chuan    Time: 29/09/2014 10:26


The comments for Pak A and Tung A Outline Zoning Plan will be due on October 8th.  If you have any bird records, please let the Society know.  You can reply to this post or PM me.  Thank you!

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