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Subject: [Hong Kong] Whimbrel? [Print This Page]

Author: irsychan    Time: 1/09/2014 18:18     Subject: Whimbrel?

We found this bird with relatively short bill than other adjacent whimbrels on 30 August 2014 at Mai Po mudflats, and the typical 'kink' in the bill for whimbrel was also not that noticeable.  We discussed but ruled out 'little curlew', but were not sure whether it is indeed a 'whimbrel'.  Could someone help please?

Image Attachment: id.jpg (1/09/2014 18:18, 106 KB) / Download count 341

Author: kmike    Time: 1/09/2014 19:11

It is indeed a Whimbrel

Author: ajohn    Time: 2/09/2014 08:49

It is a juvenile Whimbrel.

Young shorebirds typically take some time to fully grow the bill. This can often be noticeable with juvenile whimbrels, curlews and godwits during southward migration. Young curlews and whimbrels also have straighter bills than adults, which gradually develop the typical downward curve as they mature.
Your bird appears to be a juvenile, which would explain the relatively short and straight bill. Your photo illustrates this well.
Author: irsychan    Time: 2/09/2014 09:05

Thank you for your advice, Mike and John.

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