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Subject: Brendan Klick - photographic website [Print This Page]

Author: wgeoff    Time: 7/03/2015 12:52     Subject: Brendan Klick - photographic website

I'm sure many of you remember Brendan Klick who was here in Hong Kong studying at HKU from 2010 to 2013, and who contributed so much to HK birding and this website under the Username 'brendank'.

Since leaving Hong Kong, he has got married to his HK Chinese girlfriend, and been based in USA at Durham, North Carolina, which he compares with Hong Kong as follows
'Hong Kong was exciting because you felt like you might find something at any minute--here not so much'

So he's turned to bird photography instead of finding rarities and has set up his own website here

I can't recognise the birds but there's no doubt he's showing the same skill at bird photography as he did at rare bird finding here in Hong kong.

I'm sure we will see him back here again some time, if only for a holiday.

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