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Subject: [Hong Kong] Selling of Owl ! [Print This Page]

Author: louislee    Time: 25/05/2015 22:26     Subject: Selling of Owl !

A friend of mine on Facebook sent me this screen capture. I am shocked.
It says
"Selling this for friend
Its wings got problems
Selling at HKD$6000"

Any possible actions on this ?
Author: wcaptain    Time: 26/05/2015 12:33

睇嚟係eagle owl BB。要睇睇係乜時間 - 今年?。可能要有牌才可買。不如打去漁護署問


地址 九龍長沙灣道303號長沙灣政府合署6樓
辦公室電話 2150 6982
2150 6983

傳真 2377 4413






黃金欣 博士 瀕危物種保護主任(牌照事務)1 2150 6982
施慧中 女士 瀕危物種保護主任(牌照事務)2 2150 6983
何沛良 先生 高級農林督察(瀕危物種)4 2150 6968
Author: kmatthew    Time: 26/05/2015 14:18

I have seen a lot of Owls and raptors for sale on the internet's not uncommon but most definitely illegal.
Author: HKBWS WY    Time: 26/05/2015 14:48


We have already made contact with AFCD. Further information will be announced once ready.
Author: louislee    Time: 27/05/2015 16:09

Posted one hour ago.
These incidents are endless.

It says
"Collared Scops Owl. Selling at $2600."
Author: louislee    Time: 27/05/2015 20:52

The posts keep popping up. This time, the seller of the Eagle Owl put up another Collared Scops Owl for sale at $2200.
Author: HKBWS Chuan    Time: 29/05/2015 09:40

We have reported this incident to the AFCD. They have also received similar cases from the public and have been monitoring such activities. If there is adequate information, they will take corresponding enforcement actions.
We would like to take this opportunity to urge people (and remind your friends) not to buy protected birds as pets, in order to prevent fueling the illegal pet trade and facilitating the over-exploitation of the wild population which then leads to species extinction.

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