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Subject: [Hong Kong] Thick-billed Warbler or Oriental Reed Warbler [Print This Page]

Author: kkchang168    Time: 26/10/2015 00:49     Subject: Thick-billed Warbler or Oriental Reed Warbler

I think it is a Thick-billed Warbler because the thick and short bill and long tail. But I am not sure, would like to hear second opinion. Thanks in advance

The photo was taken on 2015-10-14 MP

Image Attachment: PC8A9024b.jpg (26/10/2015 00:49, 141.99 KB) / Download count 447

Author: lchunfai    Time: 26/10/2015 07:13

Oriental reed
Author: kkchang168    Time: 26/10/2015 08:18

Is it because the bill is not thick enough?
Author: HFCheung    Time: 26/10/2015 20:21

Thick-billed Warbler do not have a supercilium that extend behind the eye. More accurately, only the lore is pale. See the following link or other photos. ... mp;sl=8&index=4

HF Cheung

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