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Subject: [Hong Kong] 蒲台郊野公園記者會 Po Toi Country Park PC [Print This Page]

Author: HKBWS Chuan    Time: 4/11/2015 17:47     Subject: 蒲台郊野公園記者會 Po Toi Country Park PC

The Society organized a press conference today together with 4 other Green Groups, including The Conservancy Association, Designing Hong Kong, Green Power and WWF - Hong Kong, to urge the government to designate Po Toi Islands as Country Park for the conservation of the unique ecology of Po Toi.

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Author: HKBWS Chuan    Time: 5/11/2015 23:40


Thank you for all the great effort that the Green Groups and individuals made in supporting the protection of Po Toi, the Town Planning Board today decided to reduce the area of the "Residential (Group D)" zone and reject the columbarium development.
Gist of Town Planning Board decision:


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Author: kmike    Time: 6/11/2015 03:35

Thanks and congratulations indeed for all who worked so hard on this!

Mike K
Author: wgeoff    Time: 6/11/2015 06:28

Congratulations to Chuan for leading the Green Groups and all who helped with the presentations or who sent in objection messages by email.

I was at the Meeting and can confirm the Planning Review Board were impressed by the presentations and seriously questioned Planning Department about why they had included the R(D) (Development) zone around the Ferry Pier. Although they did not throw it out altogether (which would have been a serious embarrassment to Planning Department), they have apparently voted to reduce its size which is a significant achievement. Let's hope we can now restrict the development potential to just those houses in the current R(D) zone which are already occupied, which, in my opinion, would be a fair outcome recognising the rights of villagers and balancing that against the need for environmental protection.

I think we are also now in a position to pursue Country Park status for Po Toi, which was supported by all Green Groups and the local residents who attended the meeting in quite large numbers.


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Author: John Holmes    Time: 8/11/2015 08:09     Subject: Po Toi

Well Done to Geoff, Chuan and all involved in the presentations.
Author: wgeoff    Time: 8/11/2015 14:54

Thanks John

But it's not over yet. Now we have to start the whole process again, when they draw up the new R(D) zone.
But hopefully this will be a lot more sensible.


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