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Subject: 燕巢雀佔? Nest Adoption? [Print This Page]

Author: BWA    Time: 5/06/2017 22:17     Subject: 燕巢雀佔? Nest Adoption?

Will Tree Sparrow use a Swift nest, or was it just curious?
Author: ajohn    Time: 6/06/2017 09:22

That's a Red-rumped Swallow nest. Was this in Hong Kong? They are quite rare as breeding species here.
The sparrow was probably investigating potential nest sites. I think it's possible that it would take over a swallow nest if it thought it was suitable.
Author: louislee    Time: 6/06/2017 12:14

I saw in the photo description 嘉義 (Chiayi), which is a city in central Taiwan.
Author: ssrg    Time: 7/06/2017 01:24

In Hong Kong, both Tree Sparrow and Crested Myna will use House Swift nest.
And House swift will use Barn Swallow nest.

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