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Subject: [Activities 活動] nam San wai birdwatching activity南生圍觀鳥活動 [Print This Page]

Author: mbill    Time: 5/10/2019 07:07     Subject: nam San wai birdwatching activity南生圍觀鳥活動

今天南生圍公眾觀鳥活動,由於鐵路全線會關閉,本人要去到元朗西鐵站才能確定能否進入元朗西鐵站內。如果關閉,我會在G2出口彩晶軒落天橋處地面等候。(近南邊圍村,朗和路,西鐵燒烤樂園)準早上8時出發。從黃屋村,行蠔州路,入南生圍路。我是今天的領隊, Bill Man.
Today, the public bird watching activities at Nam San Wai,due to the closed at Yuen Long West Rail Station. If it is closed, I will wait at the ground floor of the G2 exit  (Near South Village, Langhe Road, West Rail BBQ Park) Departs at 8 am. From Huangwu Village, take Luzhou Road and enter Nanshengwei Road.I am the leader, Bill Man.I will try my best to get there !
Author: mbill    Time: 5/10/2019 07:58

Due to unknown traffic factors,I will start from Nam Pei Wai public toilet to the ferry,a cross the San Pui river and return on the same route before 12:00noon.
Author: mbill    Time: 5/10/2019 22:51

南生圍觀鳥紀錄 5th Oct 2019
27 Species
鸕鷀 Great Cormorant  8+
蒼鷺  Grey Heron   8
池鷺  Chinese Pond Heron  11+
大白鷺  Great Egret   3
小白鷺  Little Egret   9
草鷺(紫鷺) Purple Heron  1
黑鳶   Black Kite  3
白胸苦惡鳥   White-breasted Waterhen   1
黑翅長腳鷸   Black-winged Stilt   15+
青腳鷸   Common Greenshank  2
珠頸斑鳩   Spotted Dove  16+
斑魚狗 Pied Kingfisher  1
家燕  Barn Swallow  2
棕背伯勞 Long-tailed Shrike  1
樹鷚  Olive-backed Pipit  1
白鶺鴒   White Wagtail   2
紅耳鵯   Red-whiskered Bulbul   10
鵲鴝    Oriental Magpie Robin   3
褐柳鶯  Dusky Warbler  1
黃眉柳鶯   Yellow-browed Warbler  1
黑卷尾 Black Drongo  9
大咀烏鴉 Large-billed Crow  4
八哥  Crested Myna  2
黑領椋鳥  Black-collared Starling  4
暗綠繡眼鳥  Japanese  White-eye  1
黑臉噪鶥  Masked Laughingthrush   2
斑文鳥   Scaly-breasted Munia   4   

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