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Subject: [Hong Kong] Black-tailed Godwit? [Print This Page]

Author: kc3018    Time: 4/04/2021 15:21     Subject: Black-tailed Godwit?

Pond 16/17, MPNR

Hi there, is the bird in front also a Black-tailed Godwit?

Image Attachment: _DSC1767-1.jpg (4/04/2021 15:21, 1.11 MB) / Download count 122

Author: orientalstork    Time: 5/10/2021 12:41

I think it's a bar tailed
Author: moto1068    Time: 5/10/2021 14:29

i think Black-tailed Godwit
Author: orientalstork    Time: 5/10/2021 18:12

Original posted by moto1068 at 5/10/2021 14:29
i think Black-tailed Godwit
It should be a bar tailed, bar tailed in non breeding plumage are pale with pink bill with black tip, but the black tailed godwit, the bird at the background, is in breeding plumage, has a yellow beak with a black tip.
Pls compare the two species.

Bar tailed non-breeding plumage: ... mgrc=w5GxktX08BxW6M

Black tailed godwit breeding plumage: ... mgrc=VGtAjpQXV5jWaM
Author: badesc    Time: 5/10/2021 19:43

It’s a Black-tailed Godwit.

The bill is straight (upturned in Bar-tailed)
The upperparts-feathers that are moulted into winter plumage are plain (with darker streaks in Bar-tailed)
The remaining summer plumage feathers on the breast show a barred appearance (uniform reddish in Bar-tailed)
The supercilium is short (long in Bar-tailed)
The white in the wing is a trace of the obvious white wingbar of Black-tailed (absent in Bar-tailed)
The tibiae is rather long (shorter in Bar-tailed)

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