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Subject: ID of common tern vs roseate [Print This Page]

Author: orientalstork    Time: 28/09/2021 12:48     Subject: ID of common tern vs roseate

To me, common tern and roseate tern looks very similar. How can I identify them?
Author: bittern    Time: 1/10/2021 19:02

There were a few days this past summer when I repeatedly took the ferry between Cheung Chau and Central. Common Terns were present much of the time. Mind you, they were of the eastern race longipennis:

On those Common Terns, even from a distance, I could detect a clear contrast between the grey wings and the white rump and tail. You will not see such a contrast on a Roseate Tern because the wings of a Roseate are of a much lighter shade of grey.

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