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Subject: [Survey] 大濱鷸衛星追蹤 Great Knot Tracking [Print This Page]

Author: K_Chan    Time: 22/12/2021 22:39     Subject: 大濱鷸衛星追蹤 Great Knot Tracking

得知鳥會有一個受助的大濱鷸追蹤計劃,今年有update,利用衛星追蹤兩隻名叫浪奔」及「浪流(型呀!)Great Knot ,可在FB看到:

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Author: wcaptain    Time: 23/12/2021 17:17

其實鳥會是否已放棄這個forum, 專心經營其他social media?

我見好多post 只在  fb 發佈

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Author: HKBWS_Koren    Time: 24/12/2021 13:06

Author: K_Chan    Time: 25/12/2021 20:41     Subject: TrustTomorrow@Swire

I'm no FB user either, but got the tweet from #TrustTomorrow, the charitable trust under Swire Group. On Great Knot Tracking, plse refer to its post of 1 December 2021. Other than with HKBWS, the Trust also engages coastal conservation programmes with such NGOs as TNC HK, Coral Academy, WWF, BLOOM etc.

Declaration 利申:
I am neither its follower nor connected with the above parties, and was just told of such tracking programme.

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