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Subject: Ho Man Tin [Print This Page]

Author: gordonvr    Time: 23/09/2022 10:44     Subject: Ho Man Tin

I read that the East HMT Service Reservoir is a good spot for migrants.  I visited there couple days ago, probably a bit late in the day - 10o am - but saw nothing of interest.  Where is best?  there is a path along the east side that looks promising.  Anywhere else?
Author: bittern    Time: 4/10/2022 14:10

The place in question is Ma Tau Wai Service Reservoir Playground, which most birders here just call Ho Man Tin.

The easiest way to get there is to reach Sheung Wo Street (a couple of minibus routes have that as a terminus), then walk along the road that goes up.

There are other smaller parks in the vicinity that sometimes attract migrants (King's Park, or indeed the East Service Reservoir Playground that you mentioned), but they pale in comparison to Ma Tau Wai.

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Author: gordonvr    Time: 6/10/2022 07:06     Subject: Ho Man Tin

Thanks, Bittern, for clarifying this.  I look forward to visiting.

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