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Subject: Leopard Cat - 豹貓 [Print This Page]

Author: kkitty    Time: 12/10/2008 19:52     Subject: Leopard Cat - 豹貓

Wetland Park

(Record photos)

I did not realise it is a leopard cat initially, so only a few record shots have been taken.  The cat is so close that I cannot capture the whole cat in the first two shots.   
The size I think it is only a slightly bigger than a pet cat.
A little bit surprise to see this lovely aminal in Wetland Park.

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Author: cfrankie    Time: 12/10/2008 20:04

Author: kkitty    Time: 12/10/2008 20:08

Original posted by cfrankie at 12/10/2008 20:04
I have checked that the links should be enabled already.   OK now?
Author: gary    Time: 12/10/2008 22:13

wonderful photo!!
very few wild photos for this animal in HK. The second best photo I saw.
It's a very good record for Wetland Park also.

Author: cfrankie    Time: 12/10/2008 22:37

Good record!!! Long Time not shoot !
Author: bkenneth    Time: 13/10/2008 11:30

Very nice pics !
Author: kkitty    Time: 14/10/2008 13:17

Thanks all for appreicating these records.
Author: kkitty    Time: 19/10/2008 20:20

Wetland Park


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