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Subject: [China] Asian Paradise Flycatcher 長尾白壽帶 [Print This Page]

Author: hdanny    Time: 6/07/2009 21:39     Subject: Asian Paradise Flycatcher 長尾白壽帶

Asian Paradise Flycatcher
Male white 'morph'長尾白壽帶

03-07-09 Yangxian,Xi'an,China

Thanks all of your information

Author: ypakwai    Time: 6/07/2009 21:52


Author: lchunfai    Time: 6/07/2009 21:53

BB 他朝一日也會擁有這樣美的飛羽

Author: oLDcaR    Time: 6/07/2009 22:07

my dream bird ~~~
Nice shots!
Author: kkitty    Time: 6/07/2009 22:21

Beautiful shots, Danny!
Author: hdanny    Time: 6/07/2009 22:27

Thanks all ! My friend 's are better than mine
Author: kmatthew    Time: 6/07/2009 22:31

Amazing series!! What a stunning bird!!
Author: twallace    Time: 6/07/2009 22:36

Wow, stunning photo~~
Author: wleepoin    Time: 7/07/2009 09:39

Love the first one! This little chick is so brave standing at the edge.

Many cheers
Author: HKBWS Vicky    Time: 7/07/2009 09:46

Nice shot and lovely chick!
Author: cteddy    Time: 7/07/2009 21:06

Incredibly lovely pictures with the BB
Author: gary    Time: 7/07/2009 22:31

Author: papago    Time: 8/07/2009 02:54

Author: bbken    Time: 8/07/2009 09:28

Danny! 好精彩的相
Author: hdanny    Time: 8/07/2009 10:32

Original posted by gary at 7/07/2009 22:31
This species was flying away around the nest and at a height about 20 feet everytime.
Author: bbken    Time: 9/07/2009 15:09

這兩張白壽帶相,是用Nikon D300 + 600VR影的,雖然和Danny不同機種,但拍出來的也相當清晰

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Author: twallace    Time: 9/07/2009 17:01

嘩!! 陳師姐呢張唔同角度一樣好靚啊~~
Author: Andiona    Time: 9/07/2009 18:31

WOW,WOW,WOW !!!!!!

Super Great Shot.

You are No.1 Danny
Author: cywong    Time: 9/07/2009 21:51

Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos. Terrific shots!
Author: 洪生    Time: 15/07/2009 21:54

Author: butter    Time: 22/07/2009 18:34

Original posted by hdanny at 8/07/2009 10:32

This species was flying away around the nest and at a height about 20 feet everytime.
You meant the baby bird left the nest because it could fly, or it just walked there?
The first pic is fabulous! The baby bird seemed to be giving a speech to the adult bird ...
Author: Andy-li    Time: 26/08/2009 13:28


Very Great Shot...

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