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Subject: Proof readers wanted [Print This Page]

Author: HFCheung    Time: 20/07/2009 14:28     Subject: Proof readers wanted

Part of the new photoguide draft has arrived at the office, and will arrive bit by bit in the next two months.  We need proof readers to locate all the lay-out mistakes.  If you have time, you can drop by the office and spend some time (say 1-2 hours) reading the drafts.  Please contact the office first before you come in.  Thank you.

HF Cheung
Author: wcaptain    Time: 20/07/2009 15:20

I am happy to help. I have just finished a similar publication in the office. Cheers, Captain
Author: mchristine    Time: 21/07/2009 12:55     Subject: Chief Proof Reader of Bird Photoguide

May I know who is the Chief Proof Reader (the one who oversees or coordinates the proofreading work) of the Bird Photoguide so that I can contact him/her for detailed arrangement.  I am happy to help and may also enlist support from some members who have scanner eyes to help.
Author: HFCheung    Time: 21/07/2009 21:53

Right now, the office is coordinating it. Since we have only one copy, so it would be natural to leave the copy in the office. if anyone can work for a night, then it would be possible to get the proof for a night with the understanding that the proof must be returned to the office next morning.

I hope the text editorial group would look after the text, and the photo editorial group would take care of the photo including the caption. Does that make sense?

HF Cheung
Author: mchristine    Time: 21/07/2009 22:44

Thank you for explaining the working mechanism.  I'll contact the office accordingly.

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