Proposed change to HK List categorisation

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Proposed change to HK List categorisation

The Records Committee has for some time been reviewing the categorisation of species on the HK List. At its recent meeting an alternative system was discussed and agreed. The main differences from the current system are the following:

1. Abandonment of Category B, as it is felt that the distinction between A and B and B and E is, in some cases, slight. In future, species for which there is doubt regarding origin will be placed in Category III.
2. Combining of current categories C and D into a single Category II, with subdivisions to reflect whether the species occur in southeast China (IIA) or are extralimital (IIB). A further subdivision (IIC) allows account to be taken of the fact that some species previously had self-sustaining populations here, but now don't.
3. Placing of current Category F species into an appendix, to clearly indicate that they are not considered to be part of the main HK List.
4. Creation of a second appendix for species such as Golden-spectacled Warbler and Blyth's Leaf Warbler, which have been removed from the HK List as a result of changes in taxonomy and/or nomenclature.

The system proposed is as follows, and the RC welcomes comments or suggestions before the end of June 2010, in time for its next meeting.

Category I: species that have been recorded in an apparently wild state in HK (a direct replacement of Category A).

Category IIA: southeast China breeding species, the currently established HK breeding population of which is considered to derive from captive stock, but which probably occurred in HK prior to anthropogenic habitat changes (current Category C, excluding species that have died out).

Category IIB: extralimital species that, although originally introduced to HK by man, maintain a regular feral breeding stock without necessary recourse to further introduction (current Category D, excluding species that have died out).

Category IIC: previously established feral species (i.e. species from categories IIA and IIB that no longer have self-sustaining populations).

Category III: species for which all published HK records are considered likely to relate to birds that have escaped or have been released from captivity (current Category E).

Appendix 1: species for which all published HK records are regarded as doubtful due to the possibility of mistaken identification (current Category F).

Appendix 2: species no longer on the HK List due to taxonomic changes.

As a result, the status of species currently in Category B needs to be reviewed with respect to their placement in a suitable category.

Geoff Carey
RC Chairman

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