Avoid disturbance to birds around nests 請勿干擾雀鳥營巢

Photographers have been standing next to the nest for days. This morning (Sunday) as I cycle by there were at least 7 people standing/sitting right next to the tree, some one even use a ladder to get better angle, helpless! Vegetation next to that tree obviously has been "managed" in some way that it is not blocking the cameras. I can't understand why they need to stand so close given their "super big" lens.

I did saw Sze talking to that rude lady (sorry Sze, can't give you any help at that moment), these people seems to be more "pure photographers" than bird lovers, can only find the photos on other webpages rather than on this BBS.

Plese could anyone who use the above forum forward this thread to these forum.

Feel sorry for the Drongo.