Avoid disturbance to birds around nests 請勿干擾雀鳥營巢

Agree with what John said!

I visit Mai Po yerterday for survey. Photographers were already arrived before 7:30 in the morning and a group of 10 photographers. I don't know what happened originally until I saw the nest. I was standing aside and looking at them for 10 minute but they keep aggregate next to the nest. You can just hear the shutter sound once the Black Drongo feed the chicks.

Most photographers look unfamiliar to me, not those who used to be behaved proper. Although it is not the first case for taking photo for nesting bird in HK (like the Kam Tin Collar Scops Owl). But this time, it is too over to stand that close to the them.
Even they claim the bird did come back to feed. But it is different to what "it used to be".
During the survey in Long Velley, I found breeding birds (Black collared Starling and White-shoulder Starling) find food to feed chicks very frequently. The parents back to them nest alternately every 1-2 minutes. But it did not happen to what I observed for this Drongo.

The parent definitely looks alert each visit coming back to the nest. It stood aside first and take more than 30 seconds before getting back the nest. It is a symptom of disturbance. I hope everyone can do for the sake of the birds. It is not easy to rear three nestlings and some of them may even die as well.........

What we act are educating our next generation and the public. Think twice before we act!

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Tony Hung