Warbler ID please (no photo)

Warbler ID please (no photo)

Tsing Yi Park

There is a medium size to large size warbler. It definitely larger than yellow-browed warbler because there are number of them around it.

The warbler has following characterics:

Dark brown with greenish tone of color.
Its tertials do not have any white edge.
in fact, the whole bird is the same tone of color and the edges of primates are darker.
Unclean white color on its belly.
Bright orange color on lower bill without black-tip.
Eye brows are not so long like greenish warbler's one.
No crown stripe on the head.
Dark orange color of legs.
Not very active.
Jump on the middle and upper canopy.
No calling.
No obvious wing bar on its wing but a very short white spot on the wings.

My first impression of it is arctic warbler, but it seems to late and the bill of this bird do not have black tip...
But it is too brown for eastern crowned warbler and the belly of it is not so clean...
Would it be yellow-streaked warbler?

It puzzles me for half an hour and I keep observing it until it flew away.

I know this is hard to ID if no photos, but any comment is appreciated!! Thank you very much!

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There have been a few December records of Arctic Warbler so it is possible.  Was it short tailed and shaped like an Arctic?


In fact, there are some very high frquency or pitch of sounds from this bird, but the sound is not continuous but discontinuously.
Like "zI....zizi.......zi"


Brendank,the tail is not so short but medium length. Its shape is a bit bulky and look like arctic indeed.
But when I look at its bill, there is no black tip.

It usually jump unactively, but sometime will hover.

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I assume this is a leaf warbler to start with.

"Bright orange color on lower bill without black-tip."
"No obvious wing bar on its wing but a very short white spot on the wings."

If this is the usually leaf warbler with wing bar, this leaves us with only Eastern Crowned Warbler and Goodson's (Blyth's) Leaf Warbler.  With thin wing bar, this favours Eastern Crowned Warbler.  So as in many cases, description is not sufficient (probably some mistakes) and so no definite conclusion can be made.

HF Cheung


Thank you brendank and Fai gor!

But in fact, how could we distinguish warbler and leaf warbler?