[China] Poyang Lake (2) 鄱陽湖

Poyang Lake (2) 鄱陽湖

End of Nov. 2010
Greater White-Fronted Goose & Swan Goose 白額雁與鴻雁

Spot-Billed Duck 斑咀鴨

Common Merganser 普通秋沙鴨


Tundra Swan 小天鵝

Vega Gull 西伯利亞銀鷗


Oriental Stork 東方白鸛

Northern Lapwing  鳳頭麥雞

Hen Harrier 白尾鷂


Interesting pictures of the geese. The birds at the back look like Bean Geese. Plumage and structure looks most like Tundra (serrirostris) but they seem to be very big, larger than the White-fronted. Perhaps these could be similar to the confusing 'large serrirostris' that was in the group at Mai Po recently. Do you have any more photos of these or other Bean Geese from your trip?

And if they can turn up here, then maybe we should keep a look out for some of the other birds shown here, especially with the cold weather forecast for this week. A Tundra Swan, Hen Harrier or Goosander (Common Merganser) at Mai Po would be nice!


John, the geese photo I posted here was the best I got; the 2nd one was a partial blow-up of the 1st. All my photo gears had been packed & I was not prepared when our coach suddenly passed through this flock of geese on our way to the train station to complete the trip. The light at that time was the best in my 4-day stay; most of the time it was misty! Besides these geese, I also saw quite a no. of Greylag Goose flying in the mist but not many Bean Goose(maybe too far away).
Finally, I love to see these geese & other birds you mentioned in HK. In particular, I believe everyone will be very happy if a Tundra Swan will turn up here!